Solar charger for moblie phone

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Solar charger for moblie phone
Lithium polymer battery 3.7 v 1450mAh/
Solar Panel: 5.5 V/75 mA
: Adapter 5.0 V ac/Dc 500mA
Output: USB 5.5 V/500 mA
1. suitable for laptops, mobile phones, digital cameras, MP3/MP4 Player and other similar products.
2. Design and fashion.
3-small, light and easy to carry.
4 different diameters-product input and output ports that will avoid the problem of inserting plugs wrong.
5. chip smart protection: aovircharging, auverdishargi, overload, short-circuit and capacity.
6 convenient to charge at any time and in any place the Sun easily, comfortable to hang with a hook on the back.
Battery capacity built-in: 1450mAh/(Paul Li batteries)
Solar Panel: 5.5 V (0.4 W)
Input current: 500mA
Input voltage: 5.0 V DC
Output voltage: 5 V DC
Output current: 500mA
Cycle life: 500 times
Weight: 80 g
Certificate: CE, RoHS

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