How to install a dishwasher yourself

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How to install a dishwasher yourself


How to connect the dishwasher

Happy owners of a brand new dishwasher immediately after the delivery of your purchase home perplexed question of how to connect the dishwasher. Solve the problem in two ways: call the master or try to cope on their own. If you decide to go for the second, more complex ways to help solve the problem of our paper .

How to install a new dishwasher

The main stages

The main steps connect the dishwasher are:

installing a separate power outlet and the power supply to it ;
organization of individual water supply;
water draining device in the sewer ;

checking of the dishwasher.

This connection dishwasher shows the required and necessary work that can be performed in any order you like . Consider each stage of the work in more detail.

Connecting to networks

the electric power supply

The simplest solution to connect the dishwasher to electricity – a plugged-in , specially prepared for this at the time of repair. If you do not have such outlet , requires additional efforts to ensure the new machine energy.

Connecting the dishwasher with their hands may , subject to certain security requirements below:

Since the power consumption of a dishwasher, large enough to use tees and extension cords to connect it can cause damage or even cause a fire.
You can not connect the machine and into the wall , designed for electric cooker .
For the device in the right place at outlet should take from the electrical wire having a diameter of at least 2 mm. In the electrical panel mounted circuit breaker 16 A , which automatically turn off the power supply in excess of the maximum permitted levels of network load .

Through independent activation dishwasher, keep in mind that to ensure effective earthing cable cars supplied to the outlet should be a three-conductor .

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The water supply

Water is supplied to the dishwasher on a special allotment , arranged for this purpose.

Connection is carried out as follows :

On tap for the water in the dishwasher is installed filter for sand and rust .
If the machine does not provide protection against accidental leaks , producing a dishwasher connection to the water shut-off valve should be installed immediately upstream of the filter . He will not allow the inside of the dishwasher water supply is exposed to water , which can lead to flooding of not only your apartment , but neighbors on the lower floors.

In case of insufficient for connection to the water supply hose length , supplied dishwasher can be blocked increase .
In some models of dishwashers is possible to connect it to the hot water. It saves energy for heating water during the machine operation.

Organization drain (connected to sewerage )

Connecting the dishwasher drain to the sewer – a process that requires no less accuracy than a device for supplying water. Let us consider it in more detail :

The easiest way – to drain the water through a siphon , equipped with an additional challenge and a special valve to warn the ingress of water into the dishwasher from the sewers or sinks.
Additional protection from sewage water inflow into the dishwasher can serve the correct location of the drain hose :

the exhaust hose from the machine to be mounted on a wall or other kitchen units at an altitude of up to 60 cm above its entrance into the sewer ;
then bend the hose so that the water from the machine is fed by gravity into the siphon .

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Before you connect the dishwasher drain , make sure that the standard length of hose (1.5 m ) will be enough . If necessary, can increase the length of hose , but no more than twice . A long way affect the operation of the water coolant pump , creating extra load.

operability test

After installing the plug to connect the dishwasher and its connection to water and sanitation is necessary to dummy test your new clothes . Check the following:

speed of the water in the Gulf of the machine;
heating received water ;
operation of the drying dishes .

Verify the operation of all modes of the machine is carried out without a dish , but using the facilities for washing and reducing salt in accordance with the instructions for its operation. They should also carefully check for leaks all the joints of pipes and hoses.

After connecting a dishwasher yourself you managed in compliance with all recommendations of the installation instructions , can be installed in its place shifted while the kitchen furniture and a new car to fix the cover panel .

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