Construction of fences made ​​of stone

Construction of fences made ​​of stone

Metal railings and fences of corrugated gained serious popularity now . Such fences are inexpensive , installing fences made ​​of metal does not require much effort and investment , and fences of the grid at the lead in the ” lowest price of the fence .” Often, however, many people must build a fence on the site, which would represent not just a metal mesh or light barriers , as something serious and thorough . In such cases, the first thing that comes to mind – reinforced concrete products for the fences. However, as manufacturers have not succeeded reinforced concrete , concrete fences did not look quite natural. Natural materials , of course, difficult to imitate with concrete.

The best option of building fences made ​​of natural materials , it is the construction of suburban fence with natural stone . Fences made of natural stone are durable , reliable and durable . And, given the fact that natural stone – quite expensive building material, many go the other way : the construction of a fence made ​​of brick with a further surface finishing natural stone or imitation stone.

Enclosures for the flower border or fence

Natural Stone – known since ancient times the building material has not lost relevance today .

For masonry fences of stone used a variety of species: cobblestone , dolomite,

coquina , limestone , sandstone . Design Fence Stone Fence differ in construction specifications. Each type of stone has certain advantages  in the hands of a competent professional every stone is an excellent building material.

Rules of construction fences require a solid foundation in the construction of a massive stone wall . After the stone – the most severe natural building material . The thickness of the walls and fences can be up to half a meter. When building a stone wall such a mass should be taken into account . The foundation stone of the fence should be performed by professionals construction companies. In this case, takes into account all essential points : the properties of the soil , the presence of ground water , the mass of fences, etc.

Particularly well when the stone fences in areas with significant landscape design. Stone wall for a more decorative often combined with forged products , lamps and various inserts .

For fences of stone there are several ready-made solutions for their construction . However , you can create your individual project and fencing to the development of the design of the fence that best suits your site’s landscape and architecture of existing buildings.

Construction of fences with his own hands , of course, possible. Photo fences But it must take into account all the features of this building and it is better to consult closely with specialists. Materials for the construction of the fence is better too, selected with the person understanding the properties of rock. Construction of the fence at the site should begin after will be decided and agreed upon by all of the essential points: whether there are any communications in the installation of your fence, how high fence is permitted in your town or suburban partnership , will in future be working on installation of other elements: lighting lanterns , steel doors , gates, Reshotka . Iron doors must be installed on special fixings , previously mounted in the wall of the fence. The same applies to the installation target. If the photo fences along the fence in the future will be laid paving slabs , it is necessary to take into account when designing the foundation required clearance base of the fence to laid belt tiles was not above design levels. To protect the upper rows of stone from destruction by frost, usually at the top of the fence arranged a special roof to prevent ingress of moisture into the joints between the stones . The roof can be both caps and ice skates made ​​of metal and stone or concrete flashings . On top of a fence made ​​of stone can make a good layer of cement mortar with gravity layer device for rainwater and melted snow  . photo of the fence

Photo of stone fences on this page, of course, do not reflect the diversity of options and combinations of appearance of fences using natural stone. But the example of fence you can just about understand what type of fence is most suitable for you. High fences of stone will be a major obstacle to any foreign people and a wonderful decoration of your site and a country house. The price for such fences formed of the cost elements: the base price , the price of a brick or masonry wall and the cost of additional elements as well as gates, doors and grilles .

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