How to make a wall in the kitchen

How to choose the design of the walls in the kitchen to create the Interior and give it a unique uniqueness? It turns out that it is not necessary to buy the most expensive materials and accessories. Time grabs a pair of bright strokes – and your kitchen Kingdom new colors and appear in a new light.


Wallpaper-this is often only a second plan for floors and furniture. But can they make the main decoration of the kitchen, using inclusion with the wallpaper of the opposite color. If you set a monotone, his animate wallpaper with a striking pattern. Don’t be afraid to experiment, and then design the walls of the kitchen can turn into an exciting game. The most common way is the accent wall, when one of the walls pasted contrasting wallpaper, while others remain the most neutral. correctly make a functional area: dining or cooking area.

Papers will help expand the space in a small kitchen with panoramic landscapes. Views of the river or streets of the old town and the other paintings are visually increase space and bring revival in the Interior. Notable require a neutral background and minimum of furniture and accessories. Wallpaper can space. Better if the picture is printed on a single sheet, so that the joints can ruin everything.

Beautiful wallpaper, you can turn on the apron over the work area. Enough to stick them on the wall and close the tempered glass. Or order fotopanel in a professional Studio, and you can picture pick.

Paint. Properly selected colours can make not just great design the walls of the kitchen, and make it a work of art. For example: completely white kitchen (white walls, furniture and appliances) will give the kitchen a festive appearance, moreover, is visually increase space. And if you cover the walls of the two colours is also impressive. A front kitchen panels painted with paint of different colours – and ready to pop art. Interesting color solution, built on the contrast of two colors: first-for walls; the second is for the front part of the vertical headset.

How to make a wall in the kitchen

Tile. If the walls of the kitchen fully lay out ceramic tiles, then the facility immediately become cold. To improve the situation can change the color of the grout for joints, let it be a deep, rich, contrasting color tiles. And you will see how the life of the wall. You can use an unusual scheme laying tiles or insertion of decor and tile on the apron can make differentiated and it will be a bright spot.

Mix textures. Decorative material for walls you can use more than one. An unexpected and interesting result combinations:

Tile and wood. Drawing the tiles, you can adjust the tone of the color of the tree pick up the tone of the main furniture.

Tiles and mosaics. Will be interesting to look combo apron. The base material is tile, and supplement – mosaic.

Wall and Panel or paint. The basis for the Interior of your kitchen can be a wallpaper with a pattern, then the lower part of the walls will be painted with paint or lined with plastic paneling in tone.

Raised plaster. This treatment is especially good for use in combined styles of classic and high-tech. Plaster can cover the colors. These paints are able to provide a soft shade of metal or carve shall, go well with appliances.


The original apron. With fragments of glass and pottery, you can create original unique mosaic for the apron. Grout is better to choose a neutral color. This technique can be used to work with the old tiles, that is stored in the corner since the last repair.

Details and important things. And you know that decorate the walls and after repair. You can experiment and formed by the Interior. On the wall to hang a reproduction of “delicious” pattern or menu. Keep in mind that vertical panels visually raise the ceiling and horizontal will expand the wall. Juicy colors of the paintings animate neutral walls. On the open shelves can be put to good dishes, trays or stylish watches is also add colors and this dynamics.

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