How to make a cheap repair in the bathroom

And behind troublesome repair, fatigue, and thoughts of choice flour. Before my eyes – renovated bathroom: snow-white plumbing, new faucets, gleaming metallic luster which is located under the light fixtures. A joy to the heart – because in the bathroom now all the way and wanted – comfortable and beautiful; pride – because comfortable, nice and cheap. And a little sad – now the front of the door to the bathroom every morning and every evening the queue of the same joyful households wishing to spend in the room transfigured longer.

Ideas for repair in the bathroom

waterproofing the floor in the bathroom

How to put the tiles in the bathroom – Video

Interior design small bathroom

Replace pipes in the bathroom

Repair is a unique phenomenon in our lives. With it, you can not just upgrade your home, but also morale. How professionals think psychiatry, a change of scenery helps to improve mental health. In this article we will talk about renovating a bathroom. From this place we start our day, which means using the bathroom can not only carry out the necessary hygiene procedures, but vivacity for the entire day.

Repair any room, and the bathroom is no exception, begins with a design. This procedure can be done in three ways: by a specialist book, together with the master make-or self-dressers. If you doubt their artistic abilities, it is better to entrust the design professionals of this sphere.

How to make a cheap repair in the bathroom

Once the project design bathroom is ready you can start a favorite with many operations – dismantling the old tile or other wall and floor material. The same applies to the ceiling, if it is not simply whitewashed, and is made of special materials for these purposes.

Dismantling and removal of garbage from the bathroom usually takes one day. The next day, on the agenda of the first thing should be a question of ventilation. The bathroom should be well ventilated in order to ensure that it does not stagnate water. Dampness cause of many problems.

If your old ventilation clogged, it must be cleaned. Can also be of natural ventilation can force, equipped with its fan.

The next step is to install the bath. You can put your old bathtub acrylic liner supplied it or buy a new one. Recently in our country became fashionable or showers. With their help, you can save space in the bathroom, but if you like to soak in the bath, the shower you will not want.

If you decide to replace a tub or shower bath set, the next step is the installation of new pipes. This is a very important stage and it is better to entrust plumbers. After the wizard will do the wiring, you can continue to the next step – decorating the walls.

If the walls and floor are tiled in, you should start from the wall. Depart from the floor level one row and start laying tile. After the walls lined ceiling to do. However, this is true if you are going to decorate the special ceiling systems. If all it would be to finish painting, then you should start with it and then move on to the walls.

After lined wall tiles (without the bottom row), the floor must be addressed. Beneath it is possible to lay the waterproofing system.

Last series wall tiles placed after the finished floor.

The article ends with a bit of lighting bathroom. It should be good. It is best to install a few ceiling fixtures. Light not only help to better see themselves in the mirror before putting in the proper form, but also can improve mood.

How to make a cheap repair in the bathroom

And what about opening the door to the bathroom, they see those who are not so lucky? Tiled walls with dull and yellowed, but somewhere and blackened seams? Forever leaking faucet, who left no footprints in the laundered seasoned sink and bathtub? Light, more like a quart jar and attached at the best side of the wall, and at worst – over the door to the bathroom? What to do in this case? The answer is clear: Repair!

And only repair! Bathroom decor is usually minimal. And if in the living room or bedroom hole in the wall or just bad form can drape textiles, painting or other close decorative, the bathroom like it is simply impossible. Picture, of course, with a strong desire to hang you can, but what to do with the dripping faucet? Room bathroom very “responsive” to any changes, so even the use of materials Budget and cheapest bathroom renovation can completely transform it.

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