is it better to steam or steam station

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If you believe the dry statistics, each woman is from 2 to 3 weeks a year for an ironing board. Just imagine: 2 weeks for the ironing board with iron, in the middle of the pile of clothes . in an age of high technology! How about we change their irons on something a bit more modern and efficient? This will understand what offers technical progress in helping women.

There are 2 major alternatives to the usual for us : steamers and irons with a steam generator (also called steam stations). Both of these devices allow you to save time and effort spent on bringing clothes in order. How to understand what is better-steamers or steam station?

appearance and working principle

Garment steamers-the appliance is intended for processing of clothes directed stream of steam. This, actually, is the principle of its actions-remote work with the product. Under the influence of a couple (without mechanical impact) straightened fabric fibers, thereby smoothing the unruly, treacherous creases creases between the buttons and seams easy straightened delicate jewellery made of embroidered beading and sequins fabric. If you disassemble the steam design, he is a water tank installed inside the  element, flexible hose-pipe for steam and heat-resistant tube with different nozzles. HEATING ELEMENT heats the water in the reservoir to boil and maintains a constant temperature inside the boiler. Flexible hose couples served in the pipe and the attachment to the outside.

Steam station iron is connected the hose with stand-water boiler. In the boiler-water container-is almost the same process as the steam in the tank: the HEATING ELEMENT heats the water to produce steam, and then the steam through a hose high pressure enters the iron, which is already through the holes on the sole plate is on the fabric. Due to the fact that the water tank is a separate element in the system, the weight of the appliance itself is minimal, making it easier to work with the device. In addition, the steam is fed under pressure that creates the so-called air cushion between the fabric and the sole plate. This is, again, makes the process of ironing, because the owner did not have to push down firmly on the fabric to smooth out all the wrinkles. Steam all streams will make up for it. Burst of steam power would even ironed sheets, folded in some layers!

In a simplified form of steam can be thought of as a maker, standing at the plate, which connect the hose with the nozzle. The water began to boil, steam hose yourself got to the nozzle. A steam station-as a pressure cooker, in which steam is under pressure and with the help of pneumatic valve moves to the surface of the iron.

Water tank capacity

Let us recall how many houses water tank conventional iron with steam. No more than 200-400 ml. As it is manifested in practice? The hostess had to add water every 10-15 minutes. And that, you see, is not very convenient, especially if you need to iron some 3D stuff. The amount of steam boilers range from 1.5 to 3 liters. The most popular models of steam stations have tanks with a volume of 800 ml to 1.5 l, but if you want, you can find copies of the reservoir with a volume of up to 3 liters. This means that both steamers and steam stations prefer conventional irons in this respect, at least five times, and in the process of ironing for owner does not have to be distracted by the “refueling”.

steam boost function

Irons and folds on clothing due to mechanical impact on the fabric, and the steam boost function is used to smooth a particularly unruly wrinkles. As a rule, the power of the steam boost in irons range from 80 to 150 g/min. However, some models offer Bosch and Tefal to assess the effect of the steam blow in 200 g/min.

Steam and the steam device stations are non-pre-all-Oh-s steam supply, which minimizes mechanical impact or eliminate it altogether, thereby contributes to a more careful treatment of fabrics, and as a result, more long term wearing.

Continuous steam in steam stations-within 100-130 g/min steam boost, but the power-on average 200-250 gr/min. Separate models Phillips, Tefal and Bosch can “boast” power of steam blow in 340 g/min.

Steamers restaurant pairs with a speed of 30-40 g/min and, unfortunately, are not equipped with steam boost function.

Marks on clothes

Steam operates at a distance, without touching the fabric, and it means that all the problems can be forgotten. Steam station can be proud of the fact that solves the problem of Rusty stains and streaks from scale. As the water is heated in a boiler, then all the scum and there is.

Safety in use

And steam, and steam station produce hot steam. This makes them potentially dangerous devices. Heated to 98 degrees pairs (and, as you remember, in steam even higher steam temperature stations) can cause second degree burns, therefore, use any of these appliances must be carried out in compliance with the safety precautions.

And yet the steam is less dangerous to bystanders (particularly children) than steam station: when you work with them to ensure only that the running of the steam nozzle did not get on a person. Water tank-water heater even upside-down does not pass water, it is impossible to get burned. After the appliance must allow to cool for at least half an hour.

Steam station due to its cumbersome design more traumatic. You must equip a place to work, to minimize the possibility of a coup. And sole plate, and stand strongly warmed up. Ground yourself by touching them, people will get burned. Why it’s so important to use the appliance with caution in the presence of children. After the base station should completely cool for 1-2 hours.

And finally, the most important parameter for the consumer-this is the price of the device. In this regard, the steam will be more accessible to the mass market.

Save your time and efforts, replace your old iron modern useful device. And no matter what you decide to purchase, fill in steam boilers and steam distilled water station. This will save you from scale and extend the work of these useful to facilitate housework instruments.

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