7 WAYS TO Removing latex paint from the ceiling

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Removing latex paint from the ceiling – Many landlords paint their ceilings with latex paint , so getting a nice matte color . But after a while tastes may change , and will work on removing the old paint coating from the surface of the ceiling. Surely everyone who faced the similar kind of work , with confidence say that it is time-consuming and lengthy process.

Before you start shooting the old paint , make sure to pre- work. To prevent damage to the floor it is recommended to lay a oilcloth or newspapers around the perimeter of the room . Select the capacity and type of warm water in it . Take the big roller and attach it to a telescopic arm . Certainly before the start of construction work wear glasses.

prepare old walls for painting
prepare old walls for painting

Preliminary work is that by using warm water soak and roller upper layer of emulsion paint. If you notice that the water collects on the ceiling drops and is not absorbed into the layer , then you had used water-resistant emulsion paint , hence , rinse it with plain water will not work. Not worth wasting time and you can immediately switch to another embodiment of the coating removal .

Leave on for about fifteen minutes the ceiling alone , it is required that the water absorbed. When he would be completely dry a similar procedure with warm water and roll should be made again. Thus, after several such procedures, you can get soggy aqueous emulsion coating , and thus after a while will be able to remove the cover with a metal spatula or brush on metal.


Wallpapering of the ceiling or, for example, tiling is performed only after cleaning the working surface from the old finish. Many types of materials are removed quite easily – for example, wallpaper. But it is not so easy to get rid of paints, especially oil and alkyd ones. They adhere tightly to the surface, so it is quite difficult to wipe them off. In this article, we will talk about ways and tools that will help to quickly clean the ceiling from old paint. Let’s look at each method in detail.


This method is also called thermal. It is often used for acrylic paints. In other cases, the method also works, but you will have to spend much more time and effort. The ceiling surface is heated with a construction hair dryer until the coating begins to bubble. Under the influence of high temperatures, the finishing material swells, the adhesion with the base overlap weakens. At a time, a small area of the ceiling is warmed up, and immediately remove the resulting film with a spatula. If you use a hair dryer on large areas, the consequences may be the opposite: the paint after cooling will only gain strength and stick more firmly to the concrete.

How to Remove Spray Paint
How to Remove Spray Paint

This method has a number of drawbacks. So, the concrete slab needs to be strongly heated. Not every hair dryer will cope with this task. In addition, if you use the method for other types of paints, you can only strengthen the grip. When heated with a hair dryer, harmful substances can be released. Therefore, resorting to this method, you should ventilate the room well.

Along with a hair dryer and an iron, burners are used. But this is a risky venture due to the increased fire danger of open flames and poisoning with toxic substances released during the combustion of paints.


The tool consists of a handle and a working part in the form of a blade. For peeling large areas, models with interchangeable blades are sold, which reduce the time for sharpening. Masters recommend choosing scrapers in which one of the faces is adjacent to the blade at an acute angle: thanks to this design, it is more convenient to work and the process is accelerated. It should be borne in mind that the spatula is not suitable as a replacement: it has a blunt working edge.

The process looks like this: the blade is placed at an angle of 25-30 ° and try to touch the coating along with the plaster. To get rid of the putty, it is first soaked with water, and then again take a scraper in your hands. To remove latex paint, the ceiling can be pre-moistened with warm water.


Acrylic, oil, water-based paints are removed with the help of special nozzles – wire paints. They are carpal, disc and cup. The disadvantage of cleaning with a drill is a large amount of dust and noise in the apartment. The process is long, because every 5-10 minutes you need to interrupt work and wait until the cloud of dust settles. But it should be noted that the problem is partially solved, since now you can purchase dust collector nozzles.

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