Electrician services on installation wiring in a wooden house

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Recently, many owners of country stations prefer wooden buildings. Due to several reasons. Electrician services on installation wiring in a wooden house.

  • First, in comparison with houses of stone or brick, these homes are cheaper.
  • Second, to erect buildings do not need deep Foundation pit under the Foundation. As a result saves not only money but also time.
  • Third, wood is an environmentally friendly material.
  • Fourth, it is characterized by excellent heat and sound insulation properties.
  • Finally, it is durability. However, to increase the service life, we recommend that you impregnate logs antifungal compound. What inspires some fear poor fire safety of these buildings. So many owners of wooden house handle their special surface salt solution. No less important is the correct wiring electrician. For its installation are qualified to perform their duties in a professional manner.

Options for laying system

Mounting of power supply system purchased with the TB. For wooden buildings recommended for outdoor laying method. It is only fair, since all sites are well looked through. In case of the slightest fault is easy to remove and thereby prevent potential fire. For installation use the copper wires with cross-section lived from 2.5 up to 4 mm². That is enough to ensure the smooth operation and the integrity of the line. Secure the cable using the mounting brackets, ensuring a robust and rigid fixation. Some owners of countryside real estate believe that spoils the appearance of space. To avoid this wire is a special moldings or decorative trims. The electrician services are not restricted.

Electrician services on installation wiring in a wooden house

Arrangement of electric fence

In the central panel, the wizard installs the most basic instruments. In addition to the counter here should be automatic protection. In the event of a network of elevated loads they instantly work. This eliminates the possibility of short circuits and the integrity of the line. The final step is to verify functionality and reliability built highway. Only after this electric deals completed work to the owner of the farmhouse.

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