Car protection against corrosion Protect your car yourself

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Car protection against corrosion Protect your car yourself – Almost all motorists know that corrosion of the car gives a lot of hassle. Cost appear minor scratches – and soon begins to actively absorb rust cars. Combat this phenomenon is quite difficult because need timely prevention. However, the process of corrosion control begins at the factory car and having a caring owner, continues throughout the life .

What you need to know about corrosion?

Negative impact on the body of the car have temperature extremes, salt and sand on the roads, increased levels of air pollution, etc. There are three types of body corrosion:

chemical – is the oxidation of the metal under the influence of chemical compounds that are present in the environment;
Electrochemical – when rust arises under the influence of the electrolyte (i.e., water with dissolved impurities);
Manual – is corroded when the first two kinds or more are added to the vibration friction, i.e. mechanical interaction.

The most common type of corrosion for the car – electrochemical. Winter roads are often sprinkled with salt and sand, and also contain various impurities. Rain and snow, these substances are dissolved and form electrolytes which have a negative impact on the metal.

Car protection against corrosion Protect your car yourself

To prevent this impact requires constant protection of the car body from corrosion – corrosion treatment. For any car, no matter what brand it was not, requires regular care and constant care. After all, the life of a car depends on how the owner carefully treat against corrosion, books against abortion, nfl games against the spread, against death penalty reasons, against hunger.

reliable protection serial -myth or reality?

Many owners of expensive cars are confident that their cars do not require additional anticorrosion treatment, as the manufacturer has already taken care of that. But it turns out that in fact it is not so.

The most common way to protect the factory – is zinc. The thickness of the zinc coating is used in the automotive industry, is 6-9 microns. In the context of a large industrial city with a thick zinc corrosion appears after 10-12 months. The fact that the zinc coating contains micropores through which moisture in the air penetrates into the metal, and this provokes the corrosion process. The effectiveness of such protection depends on the plating thickness thereof, the type and availability of further damage during operation. Therefore, in the absence of additional support, even galvanized body a few years corrode.

If not performed corrosion control car by its owner, and the owner of a blind faith in the manufacturer’s warranty for many years, then you should know that the claim for corrosion resistance remain without success. Manufacturer, citing non-compliance with the conditions of use, as a rule, refuses to pay the damages. The same applies to insurance companies, the damage produced due to corrosion is not recoverable.

Based on this, we can conclude that the car needs constant protection of metal components from harmful factors. At present there are many effective tools and techniques. Consider some of them.

How to Treat & Prevent Car Battery Corrosion Problems


1. Method of galvanizing metal

Galvanizing steel and iron – is a powerful auto body protection against corrosion, which is often used in the production for prevention. For this purpose, a metal body is immersed in a bath of molten zinc. Thus, its surface is formed with a ferromagnetic coating of zinc-alloy thickness 0.8-2 microns. Many manufacturers now produce cars have galvanized body.

This method provides a galvanizing metallic body and electrochemical barrier protection against the adverse effects of the environment. If you have any scratches and chips will be the first to break down the zinc coating.

2. Laminating Body

Protect the car body from abrasion and premature corrosion is possible by using a special plastic film, which is an adhesive transparent material. Lamination in many cases much more practical and easier to use than other types of protection:

Polymer film can be pasted on the affected area, and in this case it will be absolutely invisible.
Lamination other methods better suited in protecting the outer surface of the body panels (hood, doors, fenders, etc.).
This simple process of applying the film does not require a lot of time.
This material can withstand high and low temperatures, it does not come unstuck and does not lose its properties.
Lamination allows for a long time to save salable car.

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