What to do if liquid has entered the mobile phone

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What to do if liquid has entered the mobile phone – Phone is exposed to rain . Water droplets penetrate the housing connected through holes in speakers, microphone , under the battery cover .

Once inside , the droplet spreads on board mobile phone. If she got into the food chain node , then immediately undergoes a process called electrochemical
reaction. In this process, the water reacts with the conductive parts of the mobile device . Due to what? Guides destroyed.

Phone falls into a container with a liquid ( a bucket of water , a toilet , an aquarium, a river or lake , etc.) With a sharp dive number in the water remains inside the air.
Until the air inside the enclosure remains unaffected phone penetration of moisture inside. So if your mobile phone has fallen sharply in the water,
it must be very fast to pull out and remove the battery to stop the supply to the thin conductors phone board .
Thus remains a strong possibility that the phone will work after cleaning in the workshop.

Ingress of seawater. Phones that are penetrated by sea water, very rarely be reversed. Often repair them makes no sense. since repair
turns out not profitable .
Tip: If somehow you have not saved your phone from moisture , we first remove the battery .

Do not try to dry your phone on the battery over a gas stove, a hairdryer , put it in the rice, salt . This will not give any results.
And especially , do not drop the phone in alcohol or vodka, because it can destroy the most expensive part of it – the display .

Clean the phone after any liquid can only be disassembled it and put the card in an ultrasonic bath with a special liquid . The ultrasound propagating in the water, removes the corrosion cell formed on a circuit board. But does not restore the solder joints and track. Restores their master , using a microscope, soldering equipment and consumables.

If necessary, replace defective items . As you can see no miracles
With rice , salt, it does not use a battery . And only painstaking and careful work . If you care about your machine , try not to get water inside , and avoid condensation inside it. Condensation Sudden temperature changes ( for example, you carry the phone in his hand on the street at -15 degrees, then go into a warm room ) . Avoid cold weather wear your phone in the inner pocket of his jacket .

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