How to Build a Trailer

How to Build a Trailer –¬†These instructions show you how to build a trailer for useful purposes . The trailer can be pulled behind your car or truck to transport just about anything . This six wide and 10 long. This article does not contain information on licensing or lighting units .

materials Needed

102 ‘ angle iron

spring leaf Assembly not less than 25 “in length
and the axis of the wheel assembly
female end of the trailer device
1 “x 4 ” boards
sheet metal 35 “x36”

tools Required

welding equipment
metal marking chalk
Wrench and matching outlets
large C- clamps
Instructions for assembly Trailer

Building floor frame – Cut 4 lengths angle iron , 10 ‘long. Cut lengths of angle iron 3 , 6 ‘long. Cut two lengths of angle iron , 4 “long . Cut 8 lengths of angle iron , 18 ” long. Welding 18 ” support angles at each corner 10 ‘ piece of angle iron . Measure 51 ” from the back of the frame and mark the center of the front suspension spring. Welding front suspension spring in place. On the front side , one welding 18 ” angle iron . Measure the distance from the center of the front spring hanger 25 ” back and mark this point as a center for rear spring hanger . Welding rear spring hanger in place. Welding a 18 ” angle iron in the back of the rear spring hanger . Divide the distance between the front half of the frame and 18″ angle iron to the front suspension spring. Mark this item for placement of the last 18 ” angle iron on this side. Welding with support irons ahead 18″ irons before spring hangers , and behind them in the rear spring hangers back . Repeat this process on the other side.

Construction Towing language – cut two 72 ” lengths of angle iron , and then turn the trailer frame floor upside down . Place one end of 72″ iron front against 6 ‘ support beam in front of the front suspension spring on each side. Clamp in place by C- clamps . Bring sections before 72 ” lengths and attach together and welded coupling device for women to this joint firmly. Welding beams back of the tongue , where they mount to the frame. For extra safety , welding each joint with regard to language.

Homemade Utility Trailer

Axis Assembly – Attach spring spring assembly as needed. Fitting axle and wheel assembly for a spring. Mount wheels and tires.

Flooring – Cut the board to 10 ” lengths. Lay the board on the floor of the frame to fill the area . Cut 2-6″ long, and then screw them to the outer floor boards. Screw each board to the cross section of the two boards to create. Remove the floor and rotate it so that the section in the bottom frame. Drill holes through the section and the sign of the angle iron underneath. Remove the floor and cut holes in the angle iron at the start. Replace the word and communication boards in place.

Fenders – metal sheets into two parts of 35 “x 18 ” each. Measure 4 ” from one end on both sheets and Mark both sides of each sheet . Welding spring hangers forward before hanging angle iron . Measure 6 ” from the free end and Mark , as before. Bend sheet metal welding to this mark on the rear overhang .

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