PVC windows or wood

PVC windows or wood In the category building materials and construction Many people are interested in knowledge and learning about many subjects, this knowledge may be vital at some point in your life, attention enough, and dive into more detail more articles and learn more information about PVC windows or wood.

PVC windows or wood – Today, many consumers prefer the windows of PVC ( poly vinyl chloride ) , while others prefer a natural material – wood . Its pros and cons have each of these materials , and not so much in materials as in the final structure .

Plastic windows are not in vain won such popularity , comfortable, durable , aesthetic. Sealed double glazed provided good heat and sound insulation , convenient to wash. Thanks to modern fittings have the opportunity to open in several directions and provide the mode of ventilation without a vent .

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Environmentally harmless PVC has long been , since its members include longer lead. It is fireproof material , glass can not only withstand the higher temperature , but also prevent the spread of fire. But the main disadvantage of plastic windows is an artificial material , and the inability to correct minor mechanical damage , such as impact marks and scratches on the frame. It is important that the quality of the window depends not only on the quality of the profile , but also on who is assembled PVC windows , and how is the installation of window units . Proper installation ensures half success , it depends on the quality and life of the window.

PVC windows or wood

Wooden windows – this is primarily a natural material . Wood has a great look as finished with different materials , and without it , in perfect harmony with brick and stone . Thanks to the wood to breathe naturally in the room and maintain a comfortable humidity that much important for people, animals and plants. Natural ventilation and – an important advantage over PVC. Wooden windows are well amenable to restoration, small dents and chipped plaster mask help , and will prevent new lesions from solid paint. Became popular and practical to produce wooden windows to order, tailored to individual customer needs. But we must understand that in the case of wood product quality still depends on assembly and installation , but most of the material itself. wood can subsequently deform or crack .

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What material you choose depends on who is more important. Both materials are imperfect and have their advantages and disadvantages, but made ​​an experienced manufacturer of high quality material , they will last for decades.

What is better Plastic or wood ?

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PVC windows or wood
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