problem of low water pressure in the work of washing machines

problem of low water pressure in the work of washing machines, Low water pressure has become a big problem for the modern washing machines. Some users believe that their washing machines slowed down significantly and deteriorated because of this problem, which everyone would like to fix.

What has changed over the decades of the existence of modern washing technique? In the past the washing machine was controlled by mechanical timers. When filling a washing section water timer stopped. The entire program is stopped until the pressure in the system would not constitute sufficient to continue its normal operation. After reaching normal levels of water pressure once again to start timer program, and a washing machine resumed washing or rinsing. This system has been very tolerant to low water pressure because it does not depend on time. It depended on obtaining the necessary amount of water.

Modern washing machines are much more sophisticated and most of them are controlled by using the built-in software, computer programs. These are positive changes in the manufacturing technology industry development because they are designed with security in mind and improve the efficiency of the washing process.

But in this whole satisfactory picture there is one significant defect. The gist of it is that when there is not enough high pressure water many washing machines will break down and interrupt its work programme. The pressure, which is now no longer enough for works of modern washing machines, it is enough to work the old models of washing machines.

Sensitivity to water pressure at each machine is different. Some washing machines more thought out and can operate in conditions of insufficient water pressure. Some models of washing machines do not interrupt their programmes for washing. When absolute fullness of water washing machines such programmes are not disabled. Instead, the machine’s software constantly checks whether the required level of water pressure. In such programs, there is a timer, which during operation if the tool does not detect sufficient water pressure, it just takes a kind of “time out” puts the machine to pause mode, then throws an error and disconnects.

Such a “time out” is a good way to prevent potential fires, overheats or flood in the apartment. There is a real security problem if the water pressure falls below a certain level, so in the valve of a washing machine requires minimum water pressure to make these valves were closed properly. When setting the time on “timeouts”, many producers may be cautious. So don’t be surprised if your machine stood in this mode for long enough.

In a situation of lack of necessary for the adequate operation of the machine of pressure may not be a simple answer: so what do you do? Especially if you don’t have access to water supply, and you can’t rely on wells, or simply a good water supply. In these cases, you have to install special pump-amplifier. His work should increase the water pressure to the desired level.

Connect the washing machine to the mains

If you have already installed all the plumbing, faucet, make sure that the washing machine is turned on properly and water fills all its twists and nowhere does not create creases.

Also make sure that the faucet itself healthy. When installing plumbing fixtures do not use defective tools that can create problems and punch the wall taps. And the main thing-do not try to install plumbing and connect the washing machine, if you have no clue how to do it. It is better to trust the professionals.

If the washing machine is fitted with a tank, it must be set at a sufficient level for the subsequent draining of water from the washing machine.

There are special requirements for metering, you must follow the instructions. This will help create the necessary pressure for the operation of the machine. If you are unable to install the washing machine on the necessary height according to the instructions, then you will need to acquire a special pump that will maintain water pressure. You can install it in the basement of your home.

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