A mortgage on a home building: Sberbank wishes

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A mortgage on a home building: Sberbank wishes

It is unfortunate, but life is getting harder in the cities: the number of cars increases, the building of new plants, factories, crime is growing, building density rises. For this reason, many people tend to go out of town to build there own home and live in the lap of nature.
Today there is a special service for those who are not able to build a country house with their own hands: a mortgage on the House, the savings bank provides it all. Collateral for such loan agreement is the object being constructed.
To get the funds for the construction of houses don’t have to be a citizen of the Russian Federation. Also there are no restrictions on residence and work. To get a mortgage on a home construction, are required to provide simple documentation: Passport, certificate of education and certificate of income, as well as to reaffirm the right to the area where you plan to build a House, and permission for construction itself.
Loan mortgage calculator how to calculate mortgage payments formula
Providing such a loan service as a mortgage on a home building, Sberbank credit terms, determines the interest rate, payment method and currency of credit individually.
The size of the loan will be determined based on the cost of construction of the object. If the borrower can make a down payment at the initial stage of construction, the loan amount will be calculated based on the remaining amount. In this case, is also available and a lower interest rate.
It should be noted that the savings bank offers such a mortgage not only in rubles and in foreign currency. In this case, the choice is made by the borrower. In addition, applicant for a mortgage can involve orginal. They have the right to speak for all adult citizens.

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