bathroom Renovations

bathroom Renovations

bathroom Renovations

Apartment buildings, with a few exceptions , have never been very comfortable layout . The traditional design standards in our country somehow at odds with the understanding of a man about convenience and comfort . The most “affected ” areas  high-rise buildings – is the kitchen , bathrooms and toilets .

Whenever the owner of this apartment puzzled by the question of repair of the whole apartment or a single room , he is faced with the age-old dilemma – how to fit everything you want in a limited space and not lose useful space , saving yourself the opportunity to live a normal life and enjoy a renovated room.

Experience shows that most such problems concern is the bathroom , and it is therefore repair of the premises to the owner brings the highest number of “headache” and unanswered questions. In this article we will try to simply and at the same time, the detail articulate a few simple truths about the repair of the bathroom, which, in our opinion, will help every home owner to arrange bathroom renovation competently and without hassle .

How to renovate a bathroom

Whom to entrust repairs ?

Now it is especially popular invite finish of apartments and offices of foreign labor . In some cases, especially for labor-intensive , but not very complex work such a decision can be justified in the low price of services rendered. However, in the context of repairing the bathroom immediately want to warn all potential customers of such decisions.

In the bathroom renovation found too many important stages that require the skills and experience of the artist. And the risk of latent or explicit marriage threatens the owners of premises are not just re- repair, but the court flooded with neighbors below.

For this reason it is recommended to seek the services to repair the bathroom only to proven performers, whose skills you do not have the slightest doubt. Some overpaid for their work will ensure your peace of mind and a strong, healthy sleep .

Budget Bathroom Renovation

Stages of finishing the bathroom

The success of the whole business with the repair bath depends on well- constructed plan of action, which will be determined by a clear sequence of works , so that different masters do not interfere with each other , doing related work at the same time . A second important caveat – in preparation of the design project . Materials included in it should be available for purchase at a reasonable price in a short time , the work did not stop due to lack of material at a time when it is needed.

The design project is better to create the following way. First you need to decide for yourself what you want to see in your new bathroom , make the floor plans on a sheet of paper. A designer attract only at the stage of design visualization and access its help in choosing a range of colors. This approach will save you time and money compared to ordering a full-fledged project.

After the project will be in your arms , you need to paint the work schedule in the room , after agreeing the required time to perform a given task with the selected artists. So , for the laying of water pipes and the floor heating device will need 1-2 days, and on laying tile , for example, will need to lay the whole week.

Recommended and tested in practice the sequence of operations when renovating a bathroom is as follows:

-Dismantling of old equipment and furniture.
-Installation of waterproofing the floor.
-Replacement of pipes and communications.
-The unit of floor heating (if necessary).
– Replacement and installation of electrical sockets and switches.
– Walls and ceilings ( tile , stretch or rack ceiling , etc.) .
-Installation of plumbing fixtures and equipment.

By following the proposed sequence of steps, you can avoid delays , alterations, corrections during the repair of a bathroom.