How to choose a plinth ?

How to choose a plinth ? – Installing Skirting is the final step , which gives the finished floor , the perfect look . Skirting can choose the color of the walls and floor , and you can highlight that item and put skirting contrasting color. Suggest you familiarize yourself with the floor framing , and decide what you choose plinth .

Wooden plinth

Wondering : what to choose plinth, note the wooden element . Plinth of solid wood is always popular. It is usually selected from the same species of wood as the floor . If you have oak flooring, skirting and then should choose the same . However , such advice is not mandatory rule, as in the design , there are many unexpected and original solutions .

One of the richest and expensive frames floor plinth is made ​​of mahogany . It may be light , smoky and bright , saturated colors .

Buying a wooden plinth, be aware that after varnishing , he will darken slightly . Therefore, when buying ask that you have already shown samples lacquered plinth. If a shop is painted samples , do not despair , just swipe with a wet cloth for the selected option , and he will get the shade that will take after varnishing .

In terms of the plinth is triangular . The profile may be different, so it’s best to buy a plinth with a small margin . Cost of wooden skirting small , but the risk that you will not have a few centimeters possible. The disadvantages of wooden skirting can be called as follows:

It can not be removed
Beneath it is impossible to lay cable

veneer plinth

To expand the color palette surface framing , many manufacturers produce veneer plinth . At the heart of the tree is an array , the outer surface is made of thin veneer wood or veneer.

laminated skirting

Laminated skirting manufactured since and laminate – simulates the texture of wood. The foundation is MDF, which has high strength , not fray and environmentally friendly .

The top of the plinth is covered with a thin layer of paper and melamine colorant . This plinth is suitable for uneven walls, since it is very flexible .

flexible skirting

If present in the interior design architectural elements such as columns, for their use of flexible skirting border . It is made of treated wood and packaged in special plastic . After installation , skirting freezes taking shape. Flexible skirting able to take any shape and bend to a radius of 20 cm

plastic skirting

Plastic skirting is very popular and has many advantages . Such are not afraid of skirting rot and moisture . Skirting easy to clean and does not deform at temperature drops .

Plastic moldings can be a worthy addition to any coating as obverse of different colors , textures and patterns.

A reference plane can be skirting rubber, this function helps to hide unevenness in the floor and crevices. Plastic skirting good that inside it is hollow and allows you to hide the antenna , telephone and other cables. The more expensive models have a special cavity for cable.

Now you know what has baseboards in the construction market , and you can decide which one to choose plinth you for your repair.

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