How to connect the dishwasher

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How to connect the dishwasher – Dishwasher long become not a luxury but a necessity. Our article focuses on how to connect the dishwasher yourself.

Tools and materials for self- connect the dishwasher
Shut-off valves (straight or T- shaped )
Adjustable wrench
wire wool

Unauthorized connection dishwasher

How to connect the dishwasher yourself? To be installed on a firm, level surface near the vent pipe connected to the power supply and ensure the water supply.

Technology independent connect the dishwasher

Drain hoses are connected to the vent pipe or standpipe wash . Connect using tees , bumped up the siphon . This prevents dirty water sucked back into the machine . There are traps with fittings for drain hoses. The installation of such a siphon will eliminate the need to embed tees.

For drain hose is advisable to install a check valve or bend and secure the hose itself so that the waste water is not poured into the machine.

If the water hoses do not reach the water pipes , the pipes need to embed tees and make branches with shut-off valves , which are already connected hoses. If the machine is located near the water pipes , the shut-off valves can be mounted directly on the tee . You can also use  fittings with taps . In this case, the installation can not even turn off the water .

How to Install a New Dishwasher

Make sure the size corresponds to the size of the crane fitting nuts on the water supply hose . Remember that blue hose must be connected to a cold water pipe , and the red ( if available) – hot .
To ensure close contact fitting and the pipe , pipe needs to be thoroughly cleaned wire sponge, after removing the paint ( if the pipes are painted ) .

Ensure that the gasket is properly positioned on the fitting . The fitting consists of two parts. Rear part put in and the front front of the tube . Achieve alignment holes for the screws. The rear portion of the fitting can also be attached to the wall.

Pull both sides of the fitting bolts.

Make sure the valve is closed and screw it into the fitting. At the same time you feel like crane crashed into the main conduit. Screw the valve to the end, so that its output has been focused in the right direction .

How to connect the dishwasher

With a spanner or wrench , unscrew the lock nut with lock ring . So tap securely locks .

Tighten the cap nut on the hose fitting tap.

Wiring dishwasher
How to connect the dishwasher yourself? In the diagram is an example for the dishwasher , fed only with cold water. Shut-off valves allow you to connect and disconnect the machine , without blocking the water in the system. The drain hose is connected to the riser with a special fitting.

Dishwasher is connected to a standard outlet . In the kitchen they are usually above the work surface, so it is advisable to make a living from the main drainage outlet and connect to more situated in a convenient location .

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