What Lexibook educational robot will you give your child in 2023?

In modern education, educational robots have taken a prominent place, and the Lexibook robot is a good example of this. Specially designed to be educational and entertaining, these robots allow children of all ages to learn about robotics and programming. The Lexibook robot, in particular, provides an informative platform for your children. But then, what are the specific functions of the Lexibook robot? How to make the right decision for your child based on his needs? There are several versions of the Lexibook robot, including the Lexibook Powerman Max robot and the Powerman Advance robot. The choice between these two models can be influenced by several factors, including the features offered. For example, the difference between the Powerman and the Powerman Max often lies in the advanced options and possibly longer battery life of the Max.

You may be wondering what is the difference between Bowerman Star and Bowerman Max? This difference may be present in the levels of task complexity that each robot can accomplish, as well as the customization options available. The Powerman Max Lexibook is often considered a more advanced version with additional features. In the end, to choose the best Lexibook robot for your child, it is advisable to compare the features and capabilities of each model. Taking into account your child’s specific needs and skill level will help you make an informed decision.

What Lexibook educational robot will you give your child in 2023?

What Lexibook educational robot will you give your child in 2023?

Lexibook Powerman ROB50FR robot

Lexibook Powerman ROB50FR robot is an interactive and expressive robot. The delivery box includes a robot, remote control, instructions and 9 foam tablets. You will have to pay 7 AA batteries to operate the robot and remote control. It includes a lot of educational content, more than 450 quizzes on rules, numbers, animals, and much more. It helps children aged 5 to 9 years old discover programming logic.

The Lexibook Powerman robot pulls out colored foam discs. Don’t worry, they are safe for your kids’ toys. Guide it using the remote control and the buttons on its control panel. With playback and recording function, Lexibook Powerman repeats ROB50FR what you say. It also saves stored content and reuses it later, thanks to the karaoke mode. You can add music to create and record your own dances.

Lexibook Jr.ROB20FR robot

The Lexibook Jr.ROB20FR robot is an educational and entertaining robot for your children over 3 years old. It is programmable and can reproduce up to 40 actions. It is mainly made of plastic. Batteries needed to power the Lexibook Jr. robot ROB20FR are not included in the kit. It comes with a remote control that allows you to control it. Includes a navigator’s guide that takes you to discover animals.

The Lexibook Jr.ROB20FR robot makes learning engineering, programming and math fun. They keep your child busy while working. In your free time, you can play Lexibook robot puzzles with it. Thanks to the touch sensor, it reacts when you touch the top of its head. They awaken creativity and curiosity in your little one. Lexibook Jr.ROB 20 FR robot sings and dances. It also throws foam tablets.

Our opinion in the robot Lexibook Power Puppy DOG01

The Lexibook Power Puppy DOG01 robot plays a big role in motivating and entertaining your child. In fact, this robotic dog is capable of doing everything: pumping, saluting, playing hard, etc. It is the perfect partner to allow your child to have fun at home.

He can even sing or practice yoga. Through the training mode, it is possible to teach him to obey certain commands such as “Get down”, “Sit”, etc. This dog can also dance or move in all directions.

This robotic dog is easy to control using the remote control or using hand movements. In addition, this intelligent robotic dog has a long service life because it is made of high-quality plastic.

It is also easy to maintain. Moreover, this Lexibook robot is recommended for children aged 4 years and above. This interactive playmate is definitely worth the price.

How to choose a Lexibook android?

You want to introduce your child to electronics and programming. You want to get a Lexibook robot. But you don’t know which one to choose. There are a large number of educational robots. We have explained some tips to help you choose the perfect Lexibook robot for your child.

Features of the Lexibook robot

The Lexibook robot has countless features. He designs thousands of captivating stories. You can play quizzes of words, numbers or animals. There are tests that help you recognize musical instruments. The Lexibook robot is equipped with an infrared receiver and a speaker. Thanks to the programming function, you can develop new sequences of movements and dance steps. Thanks to its sound and light effects, the Lexibook robot enhances music. It even includes a repeat function that records and plays later.

Minimum recommended age

The Lexibook robot exists in several forms depending on age groups. From the age of 3, your child can use one that suits their age. For each Lexibook robot, the manufacturer notifies the minimum age you are allowed to use. Always check if the product you want to buy is suitable for your child and stage of development. For little ones, the Lexibook robot teaches them to count, speak and sing, which are small, easy-to-remember stories. Older people are more inclined to use more complex robots. They will even be able to learn new languages.

General quality and customer reviews

A Lexibook robot should allow your child to acquire new skills. She must be able to combine games with learning. Check if all the features mentioned when purchasing are active. Above all, it must be of good quality. You don’t want to buy a Lexibook robot just to become bad after a relatively short period of use. Make sure they are durable enough because toddlers are sometimes rough with their toys. You will also need to follow the age recommendations of the manufacturer. Above all, choose the models that your children love. When not in use, turn on sleep mode to save battery power. Avoid contact with the Lexibook robot with water.

What are the educational benefits of the Lexibook robot?

The Lexibook robot allows you to introduce your children to robotics and programming from an early age. It is designed to teach science, mathematics and technology. Motivates children to continue studying this material. Educational robots therefore provide children with everything they need to program a robot capable of performing many tasks. In addition to developing computational thinking, the Lexibook robot stimulates creativity and imagination in your children. Through this channel, they develop their critical thinking. In a world where technology is booming, they will be able to adapt easily. When you grow up, you can.

What is the best Lexibook robot?

There is a flow of educational robots everywhere. The Lexibook Powerman ROB50FR robot is the best of all. When you press the record button, the Lexibook Powerman robot repeats your sentences. It can also play music, dance and make animal sounds. You can even participate in guessing games with your kids. With over 400 tests available, they can learn about nature, music, numbers, and even everyday life. It’s the perfect balance between fun and learning. Don’t forget to take your budget into account before making any purchase.

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