What is the most economical under the heating floor for tiles?

What is the most economical under the heating floor for tiles

The most effective underfloor heating under the tile is infrared underfloor heating.
However, due to technical limitations associated with the prohibition of the installation of such floors in rooms with increased humidity, as well as with the necessary level of knowledge and competence of the installer – film floors for tiles have not been widely used among ordinary consumers.

Therefore, the most effective option for underfloor heating for tiles is today remains cable underfloor heating.

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Comparing cable mats for tile glue and heating cables for screed, it is worth noting the higher efficiency of thin cable mats.

Is infrared underfloor heating economical?

And this is all due to the same cement screed, which does not need to be additionally warmed up all the time.

On the other hand, cable floors under a layer of cement (3 to 6 cm high) have a high thermal inertia, and although such a warm floor is less economical, when the voltage in the network disappears, it will take much longer to pour out and give heat to the room than a thin cable under a tile or an infrared floor under a laminate.


Infrared flooring is a modern warm electric economical floor that is easily mounted under light floor coverings (laminate, linoleum, carpet) but has serious drawbacks when installing under tiles. The savings in the use of such a system “warm floor” is about 20% in comparison with analogues.

Cable underfloor heating is the most effective underfloor heating for tiles. The presence of a grounding screen and a sealed shell along the entire length of the heating cable makes it a leader among the construction of heated floors under the tiles.

Comparing the cable floor under the screed and the heating thin mat under the tile, the latter is more economical, but also more expensive (the price difference is about 25-30%)

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