How to grow potatoes

How to grow potatoes –¬†Potato is one of the easiest to grow roots . This vegetable is not picky and can be grown almost anywhere in the ground, in piles of straw or mulch , garbage cans , in black plastic bags, or in stacks of tires. They may also be collected at different stages of its growth.

potato varieties

Think about your goals for growing your own potatoes . This will help you determine what sort of potatoes to plant. Some common types of potato plants are:

WHITE ROSE ” the most famous and best variety for boiling , but fair for baking and storage;
other net GEM ” popular variety and best for baking and storage;

Kennebec ” late maturing white variety that is best suited to the fries, hash browns , chips, and baking ;

Popular early NORGOLD Russet ‘ cultivar , which is great for baking and boiling , but does not save as ;
YELLOW FINLAND ” smaller versatile potato which keeps moderately ;

RED PONTIAC ” Redskins popular variety of shops and good ;

comprehensively Redskins RED Norland ‘ variety, which is good for baking and cooking.

Steps to grow potatoes

Selecting seed potatoes

Buying certified seed potatoes in local greenhouses, nurseries , garden shops or stores. potatoes certified seed free from insects and disease problems and not treated with any growth supplements.

Some small potatoes from the local grocery store and make the right choices as seed potatoes.

soil Preparation

Potatoes do not have any particular soil as they grow well in average soil .

Prepare the ground for plowing its depth from 10 to 12 inches. Removing stones and weeds.

Add a little peat compost or soil. Try not to add fresh manure or lime into the soil, as these tend to cause scab on potatoes.

Mixing fertilizer with a ratio of 5-10-10 or 10-20-20 boarding helps enrich the soil.

Planting Seeds

Small and medium sized seed potatoes may be planted whole. The large size of seed potatoes can be cut in half or in the premises. Each section should have two or three eyes growth. Let the cut surface callus over before planting.

If you have a lot of opportunities to grow your potatoes, put them in rows 2 to 3 feet . Plant seed potatoes feet apart. Cover them with inches of soil.

If you have limited space , you can plant your potatoes in the mountain or hill. Plant 3 to 4 pieces of seed potatoes in a circle in a mound of soil. Add more soil , potatoes develop.

The potatoes may also be mounted in the stack of straw over the ground. Additional straw mounded around the base of the plant as a vine growing. This method results in a landing net yields. Potatoes can be easily collected before fully mature vines .

Plastic garbage bags with ordinary garden soil or commercial can be used for growing potatoes . Fold the top half of the bag and fill it with soil. Plant seed potatoes in the ground and do not forget a bunch of holes in the bottom of the bag for drainage.

Old garbage cans or wooden or fiberboard containers for growing potatoes. Punching holes in these containers before filling them with a garden or commercial soil for drainage . Additional watering may be needed as these plants in containers , usually dries more quickly.

watering Requirements

Avoid over watering your potato plants , as it can cause voids to potatoes or black areas. Irregular watering , on the other hand, causes irregular shape and knobby potatoes.

Water the plants thoroughly potatoes weekly during warm weather .

Collection and storage of potatoes

Young potatoes are harvested , the plants begin to bloom . Full-sized and mature potatoes are harvested when the color turned yellow or died .

Potatoes should be stored in a cool and dark place.

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