What is a water heating convectors

Modern variants of the heating is popular among the large number of private developers. And it’s not only in the fact that these methods are more traditional. Just they give the ability to minimize system that is cheaper, more of the former and have a presentable appearance. While at the market of heating equipment are increasingly appearing devices is significantly different from the traditional ones. Not going to enumerate them all, but with water heating convectors now required.

What is the water warm?

What functions rely on these heaters?

The main is, of course, create inside the premises of comfortable accommodation.
The second is the maximum clipping the flow of cold air coming from the window openings.
The third is the creation of conditions for effective and uniform distribution of heat throughout the volume of the space.
The fourth is a confrontation of the processes of condensation of moisture on the glazing of the House.
If you look at the design of the heater, you’ll see that it’s not the radiator, and the difference between these devices schematic. But let’s start with the design, and with determination, what is convection.

What is a water heating convectors

Convection is the process of propagation through the air of the heat that comes from the heating device. Warm air from the radiator according to the laws of physics goes up, where it is mixed with cold, cools and falls again to the radiators. Then the process is repeated, and the space of the room when this is supported at a certain temperature. Going on Exchange of air masses, and the process of steady while working heating system.

However, the difference of temperature of air in the upper and lower parts of the room quite big. Engineers and designers tried to create an improved instrument that would reduce this difference. Their efforts have led to the emergence of the convector water heating.

The benefits of water convectors

A gorgeous and exquisite design. Having small size and beautiful shape, these heaters can be used in buildings for any purpose.

Easy maintenance and installation. The design of the heating device is very clear and compact, but the price is lower than in a traditional radiator.

Heating of the premises occurs evenly. For this small amount of coolant that allows saving. Using United convectors can create good working scheme that provides the warmth of the whole House, moreover, evenly.

Difference of temperatures near the floor and the ceiling is only 1-2 degrees. Ordinary radiator nomu heating this figure reaches up to 7 degrees Celsius.

Manufacturers supply water convectors special thermostats and heat sensors, with which you can establish effective work devices. The maximum heating comes to + 90 c, but this temperature is used rarely in the room enough and + 40 c.
About such a device can not get burned, so it is safe for children. And generally he has high fire safety.

Classification of convectors

There are several indicators, which are water convectors:

Firstly, it’s dimensions, but rather, the height of the device.
Secondly, capacity, which in many respects depends on the size.
Thirdly, constructive performance.

Fourthly, the way management and the use of additional control and regulating devices.
Fifthly, the process of convection, which is divided into shooting galleries.
Sixth, the location and method of attachment inside the rooms.
Consider some of the sections of the classification, which, in our opinion, are most important. And let’s start with the convection.

Modern heating equipment market offers water convectors with natural and forced air circulation. The first are classified as QUEST on, and the second is under the brand MANUAL. In the first case the air flow under the action of physical laws themselves pass through the heating equipment heating, i.e. natural circulation.

The second class is the convectors, in structure of which built-in fans. Using these components increases the amount of air masses passing through the heating device. And due to the increased efficiency of the entire system in General. Fans are working from for voltage at 12 volts, which guarantees the necessary safety during operation.

Now move on to separating devices on constructive execution. Here are just 3 of their species.

Wall convectors

This type of water convectors differs a little weight so it can be installed on any envelope. Even a small and thin the septum with a single the letter quietly carry similar loads.

Wall devices is quite compact, but being installed under Windows, they will lose no one kind of heating panels is so powerful in this unit. And all because of the speed of the coolant.

Usually the construction of Wall models are additionally equipped with special ribs which increase heat transfer device.

Floor model

A distinctive feature of these models is way fastening. They hung on walls or other elements of the building, and placed on the floor in any place often under window apertures or close the front door.

In appearance they are virtually indistinguishable from the wall. The same compact dimensions, the same original form and a huge capacity of heat transfer when using a small amount of coolant. The only difference is the method of installation and mounting. Floor models are placed on special pedestals and wall mounted on brackets.

Warning! You can’t close devices heating furniture or other bulky items. Through this sharply the effectiveness of the system and heat appliances.

Recessed convectors

This is a modern approach to solving two issues heating and design. To install such devices will hold a series of construction works aimed at hiding units with species. To do this, you need to build in the floor special channels or to arrange under the Windows are small niche. In both cases the convectors are utoplenimi in organic structures.

Using the correct calculation of the power required for heating of both small and large spaces, you can create a system effectively working in any conditions. For example, you can thus heat pools or gyms.

But there is another important question is how to choose the right water convector heating?

Selection criteria of the device

What you need to pay attention when choosing?

In the first place is considered an indicator of power. It is standard for all types of heating appliances and is 1 kilowatt per 10 square metres square at the height of ceilings not higher than three metres. But you need to add another 0.2 kilowatt for each window in the room. And this does not apply to continuous glazing when the calculation is performed differently.

If you chose the convector brand MANUAL, i.e. with a fan, you must predict the scheme joining device to AC power, and also the installation location transformer. We recommend under the transformer to prepare a separate place, but close to the heater.

Note the height of the device. If you decide to install it in the floor feed, you will have to soizmerit the dimensions of the size of the niche. The standard rate for this is 30 cm. Matter and material, which made box heater. If this is a floor model, then the body should consist of corrosion and strong alloys.

The pressure of the coolant, which these product must withstand. Up to 16 bar, The maximum temperature of the coolant, which can withstand water convector 130 c, but the temperature of the enclosure must not be above + 60 c.

Number of tubes in a heat exchanger can be from 4 to 6. What’s more, the higher power. Incidentally, the capacity depends on the type of device and the manufacturer, but averages 100-200 kilowatts.

Volume of water in each convectoralso depends on the size and number of tubes and is within 0.7-1.9 liters. Incidentally, the water consumption is 90-170 liters per hour.
And the last is the weight of the device. Here the choice is great, but there is limits14-21 kg.

The design of a water heater

This is a fairly simple device that consists of a shell and tube heat exchanger, which is the heart of convectors. A heat exchanger is a few copper tubes, which moves heat. The tubes are mounted and fixed aluminum fins that increase the surface area of heat transfer. On its performance affects the distance between ribs it has to be not too big and not too small. The number of ribs also has value, but the distance between them is more important.

Built-in models are provided with optional decorative grating that hide the instrument from the eye. It is important to choose the right grilles it should have a greater area of holes or cracks, not to close off the flow of warm air. Required element is the valve that regulates the flow of coolant and is directly linked with the thermostat. Plus installation. In one casing can fit 2 or 3 heat exchanger, so that you can adjust the power of the device.

All the elements water convectors are made from metals with high heat to reduce the heating time of the device and increase the efficiency of its work. Add that all water plants have two schemes connection is the side and end.

Conclusion on the topic

New ways of heating are quickly included in life. And the point here is that the economic side of the issue has become in recent years a major operation of engineering networks and the home in General. And if you see devices with which you can save the family budget, then why not take advantage of them. Water heaters related exactly to this category.

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