What is an inverter air conditioner?

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Air conditioners are also divided into inverter and non-inverter. In non-inverter-controlled air conditioners, the compressor operates on/off under the control of a thermostat. The disadvantage of this design is the constant temperature difference in the room.

Inverter air conditioners are able to control the power of the compressor by rectifying the current and regulating the voltage coming to the compressor, which allows you to more accurately control the temperature in the room, reduces noise and energy consumption and at times increases the service life of the air conditioner. However, such air conditioners are usually more expensive than their non-inverter counterparts. Many manufacturers produce a line of climate systems that differ only in the use of an inverter.

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What is an inverter air conditioner?

If you are going to buy an air conditioner and do not know which one to choose, you need to study how different types differ from each other and find out where you can buy air conditioners inexpensively.

Often a person doubts: whether to choose a conventional or inverter option?

Some manufacturers have a wide range of both types.

So what is an inverter air conditioner?

This is a type of air conditioner where the power of the compressor can be adjusted. That is, when the temperature reaches the desired, your equipment will not turn off, but will go to lower speeds, which will allow you to maintain the desired level constantly, without resorting to constantly turning on and off. The well-being of people in the room often directly depends on this. After all, it is no secret that the constantly changing temperature has a bad effect on health. This is important both in cases where we are talking about your household, and in those when the work process suffers, interrupted by constant illnesses of employees.

In addition, the inverter allows you to extend the service life of the air conditioner itself and significantly saves electricity, consuming on average 45% less than conventional air conditioners. It’s worth thinking about.

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