What causes black mold in a washing machine

black mold in a washing machine, Use mostly low temperature for washing, as well as the use of detergents that do not contain bleach are key causes of black mold that inhabits in warm damp places. brightness in detergents (plus high temperature) kill bacteria that might otherwise multiply inside the washing machine. Therefore, it should be remembered that the powders for washing colour clothes and liquid detergents in its composition will never contain whitening items, but because of their constant use of potentially dangerous occurrence of black mold.

To prevent or try to get rid of black mold in a washing machine, it regularly, preferably every month or more often carry out prophylactic rinsing the empty washing machine on the boiling mode using a detergent containing bleaching agents. If you usually use biologically active or liquid detergent, then you must purchase separately usually powder containing bleach, and use it only for prophylactic rinsing.

In addition, it is important to leave the door of the washing machine open after washing to allow it to dry completely. If the washing machine for a long time to accumulate the warm moisture (for example, if your kitchen is humid and heat is constant), then you may need to dry the drum and rubber seal on the door of the washing machines manually, and after you leave the door closed. At the end of the day, the mold is vital to warmth and moisture to continue to grow. Therefore, the simple manipulation will successfully shortened the life of mildew in your washing machine.

How to Clean Washing Machine Mold

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