Rules of the air conditioner

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Rules of the air conditionerInstallation of air conditioning specialist should be engaged , as they often work includes industrial climbing . Air conditioning to meet your expectations , you should competently perform three steps: choose the right model to reflect the volume of the space , air conditioning install , operate in accordance with those rules.

How to choose a conditioner ?

Negative work air conditioner or premature failure , most often occurs due to improper installation. Improper installation can reduce the work of even the most expensive unit. Consider the proper installation of a split system air conditioners .

Household air conditioner consists of two parts :

Outdoor unit – capacitor
Internal – evaporator

Split can be different design , management, and color , but the principle is identical to the installation and configuration . When installing you must carefully choose the place and take into account such factors as :

Side of the world where the capacitor is established
Wall construction , which will mount
unit Weight
Access to the unit for maintenance work
Capacitor protection from rain and ice

installation of air conditioning

Remember , the outdoor unit is attached only to the bearing wall ! When installing , make sure that the wall is strong and able to withstand the weight of the unit . Fastenings shall be 2 -fold margin of safety. If your house is insulated exterior wall , then make sure that the wall mount is made and not to a heater .

The capacitor must be under visor. Installation is strictly horizontal , without tilting and distortions Refrigerant otherwise be bad circulation. Well, if the wall on which is installed air conditioning, well blown . The best place to install a balcony. If you plan to install a capacitor on the roof , make sure the trunk length not exceeding 15 m , otherwise there will be loss of cold .

Rules of the air conditioner

When installing the drain, take care not to drop dripped onto the head of passers-by. However, installation guidelines , the withdrawal must be entered into the sewer .

External power in hot weather should be well blew over , so do not attach it firmly to the wall. The distance should be 10 cm

Air conditioning consumes about 2 kilowatts of power , so you need to check the reliability of electrical wiring. It is useful to protect the fuse panel , it will protect the house from fire and overheating wiring.

Evaporator must not be obstructed by curtains or furniture pieces that will obstruct the air flow . Also, the unit is not placed over the heating panels.

Avoid direct air flow at your workplace or a place of rest , otherwise cold and bronchitis , you will be assured.

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