House not put for sale

House not put for sale

There are currently a record number of homes for sale. This brings an even greater damage to the housing market. This is especially true for sellers who try to amount too high for their home.

There is a split between house owners who must sell their house “, and” their house “owners who want to sell”. The owners who must sell their homes have no other possibility. For example, for the work they must move out, the burden can no longer muster or get divorced. There are also still sellers who have to sell their house because they already have bought another home. These are the true daredevils among us.Characteristics of sales contract form

The owners who sell their house “want”, feel no financial pressure. These are also often the sellers who hold a high asking price, which actually is too high given the current market situation. They will probably not lose the House and eventually the Board again from the garden.

For the homeowners who still have doubts, the best advice seems to not put the House for sale in the current market. This imposes an even greater pressure on the housing market, making housing prices go further bags.

Of course, you as an individual have hardly affect the housing market, but if all sellers who sell their House not “should”, the sign from their garden, this will benefit the housing prices.

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