Vertical washing machines customer reviews

A common view that the washing machine is a smaller vertical size, easier to use and less loud in comparison with similar front-loading models parameters usually unspecified. To ascertain the real balance of power was required to undertake an analysis of the different custom views, evaluating these machines with different points of view.

It should be noted that in today’s market models of washing machines with frontal load significantly more than from the top, which means the withdrawal of the demand (which determines the proposal). This article attempts to organize laid out online reviews on washing machines with vertical load on user opinions about operational advantages and disadvantages of those and other modifications.

Comparison of models with different types of loading

Let us, first of all, find out what caused the increased interest in the domestic market was huge with vertical load.

At one time in the network very often met statements about the benefits of bookmark linen top, usually due to the following reasons:

  • reliability design of the drum, mounted on two bearings in a horizontal plane;
  • the ability to download extra servings of laundry during washing;
  • low vibration.

A comprehensive review of the various user reviews have no confirmed evidence to refute the obvious benefits that have top loading washing machines.
Consider these rebuttals in the order of the claimed benefits.

According to one of the users, no clear superiority of these models associated with the presence of two bearings, mounted on the sides, he observes. On the contrary, it shows that the mounting shaft of the drum machines with frontal load (also supported by two bearings) stiffer than the same option with colleagues have sliced a rampart. The design features a drum vertical cm (the presence of heavy folds on one side) creates an additional challenge in terms of balancing.
With regard to the possibility of perfect reporting linen, this was true 10-15 years ago. Some of the contemporary front SEE also allow you to do this directly in the wash (water level is below the hatch).
Reducing vibrations in modern washing machines with a hatch on top, in his view, was achieved at the cost of significant increase in their overall weight, the importance of which reaches sometimes the 100 kg.

At the same time, they noted the following “negative” version when you select custom machines, reflected not only in its purchase and subsequent installation and long operation:

-the price of these models (with the same characteristics) is always higher than the cost of a CM with frontal load that is used sometimes unscrupulous sellers buyer to impose a more expensive model;

  • due to the presence of Pirelli top loading washing machines require more thorough validation of the installation in a horizontal plane, it is less resistant to work;
  • notes that the maintainability of these models are models with front loading.

For a recall of the same user, the most viable option in our time could be buying a full-size cm with front-loading, high volume reel equipped. Such a model does not restrict the user in the selection of features, have a generally low level of vibration and are usually slightly smaller than the opponents.

Some users write positive reviews on the top loading washing machines simply because more convenient the location of the control panel (“easily switch modes”), and also because of the reluctance to bend over all the time to download and search for small things have been washed in the drum.

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