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Useful information for beginners masons – For centuries, masonry technology have not changed significantly . With a good eye and certain skills , you can learn a simple clutch fast enough. Difficulties arise in deriving the angular designs , but this work can be done with proper quality . The main thing is to determine the type of brick, with regard to this problem . The range of tens, if not hundreds, of names, types and categories . Construction , lightweight , body , facing, insulating ceramics – all building material , wherein the shape , color, volume and many other performance properties .

How to choose a quality brick and mortar ?

The quality and type of brick depends on its cost. Uneconomic use of expensive , high- bricks for the construction of single-storey houses, or use an expensive plaster cladding . One of the advantages of this ancient material is economic viability and freedom of choice , the existing range is able to meet all the requirements of technical conditions . Despite a significant decrease in thermal conductivity of certain types of brick , brick houses heat losses remain high. The problem is solved additional wall insulation, mostly internal or wall-mounted . Internal insulation and wall-mounted glass done , basalt wool Rockwool , polymer inserts, foam polystyrene coatings and aerated concrete panels. Widely used cavitation plate Butts thanks to the high performance characteristics and ease of operation.

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The recent hype surrounding imported brick gradually declining. Releasing durable and beautiful brick Western manufacturers do not bother to meet the dimensional standards , the total number of sub-standard size brick, can be from 3 to 5%. Scatter compensated thickening seams, which are given a certain decor . this is not entirely acceptable because almost doubles the heat loss through thermal bridges .

Selecting the planned loads and climatic conditions of the area brick material , care should be taken qualitatively mortar . To date , it is not simply a mixture of cement sand and water . In today’s solutions, the composition includes additives which improve , through which concrete obtains a high moisture and frost resistance , fast curing , elasticity and other equally useful properties.

Quality masonry mortar is largely dependent on the type of cement , sand purity , homogeneity of composition and even the hardness of the water used. Dosing components can only qualified , otherwise risk getting too skinny or fat solution , both versions are used in exceptional cases. To work you must use only the correct proportions of all components .

Freshly prepared solution is desirable to use immediately . Infinite mixing in mixer with periodic addition of water would adversely affect its quality. Exceptions are solutions with anti-shrinkage polymer additives that keep working material for a longer time . Novice amateur masons , experts recommend dry practice skills without the use of mortar. Having clarified the location of rows and vertical joints , ligaments angular device , you can start masonry work .

Throughout the workflow even experienced masons periodically check the quality of masonry plumb and level building . Independent work , these simple tools should always be at hand. Uneven masonry , of course, can be dismantled , but it means a loss of time and money spent on acquiring or preparing concrete solution . Not recommended to compensate for flaws thickening or thinning of the joints , such masonry will look sloppy even under the plaster .

In dry hot weather masonry ready to periodically moisten , moisture needed for accelerated mortar setting . Highly undesirable if a semi- brick structure would be in the pouring rain . Porous structure absorbs a lot of moisture and the walls will long remain raw. In addition, moisture can ruin flowing seams and inner insulation Rockwool , which may lose its insulating properties .

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