calculating power and amount of heating cable floor systems

calculating power and amount of heating cable floor systems In the category Home Heating Systems Many people are interested in knowledge and learning about many subjects, this knowledge may be vital at some point in your life, attention enough, and dive into more detail more articles and learn more information about calculating power and amount of heating cable floor systems.

From the practice of calculating power and amount of heating cable floor systems, Recently the increasing urgency of the population find heating systems «warm floor». Among them, the most popular system of heating of rooms and floor in them-is the system of heating cable. Of paramount importance for the proper functioning of any electrical system, and the more the system based on heating of a floor electricity, has the correct calculation power of electric heating cable, that’s it and then we will discuss in this article.

Calculation of power for electric heating cable

Calculation of the heating cable power for electric heating floor space is to ensure that during the operation “warm floor” system, you are in a room was always comfortable, pleasant climate, and thus there would be no significant cost overruns of energy, i.e. electricity. Simply put the heating cable should be heating your space in the desired degree without excessive consumption of electric power.

Electric heating system space “warm floor” can serve as a primary heating system of the House or apartment, and more.

The order of the calculation power of the heating cable as follows:

At the outset it is important to know as a primary or supplementary heating system, use electric heating of “warm floor”.

calculating power and amount of heating cable floor systems

In case of floor heating system is the main system of heating, the power consumption of the specific power to heat 1 square. meter space will be about 160-180 = Ores w/m2, and for premises where the heating system serves as an extra-enough power for heating cable Ore = 100-150 Watts.

define the floor area of the premises

Useful is the one area of the room, the heating cable will be directly, without taking into account the area occupied by the equipment and furniture, which is constantly. For example, when you have a room has 17 m 2, and the area under the various furnishings, such as sofas, Dresser, Cabinet, cupboard – is about 4 m 2, the usable area of room = 17-4 Spol = 13 m2.

Define the required power p, the heating cable heating systems.

For premises where “warm floor”-the main heating system, the power p = Spol x Ore = 13 x 160 = 2.08 kW.

For premises in which heating system “warm floor”-additional heating system, cable design power is p = Spol x Ore = 13 x 100 = 1.3 kW.

Determine the length of the cable to the required heating power 1 kW. meter of usable area.

You should be aware that when you purchase your cable in the store there is a main indicator of the overall heating power, not area.

We have calculated that to put useful area of 13 km2. meters to the heating cable with a capacity of 2.08 kW.

On the basis of the tables provided below (table is available in all of the stores), with useful floor space in 13 m2. meters (table-12.8), we will need 140 meters linear cable, power density of 160 w/m2.

Sample table for calculating capacity and length of heating cable

You also need to know that most shops sellers when buying their heating cable-for additional services will calculate the power cable yourself, but you are all the same, to reread these calculations need to know technology.

Calculation step of laying the cable

Heating cable installation step (h, mm), is the distance between parallel laid his band on the usable area of heated floor.

Step is calculated for the uniformity of cables throughout the useful floor space. h = Spol/L, where L is the length of the heating cable.

For our calculations of h = (13 x 1000)/140 = 93 mm.

Before you start laying the heating cable, first draw your floor plan in this area.

Plan layout of one and two heating cables


If you’re in the store-bought solid heating cable, then connect it with its two ends, if the same cable to connect the twin-core one-way.In view of the fact that the heating cables are standard pieces, with a fixed capacity and special couplers at the ends of the bars decrease or increase it, as this can lead to premature cable failure only, and Furthermore, you lose the warranty obligations of the manufacturer of the heating cable.

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