Fighting mold special building materials

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Fighting mold special building materials – Problems associated with the appearance of mold on the walls are most common for home owners who are in the country . Methods of struggle with a variety of fungi and mold there are quite a number , and they are described in detail on the Internet. However, using various methods of dealing with mold , for some reason we do not pay the original cause of mold due attention.

Foam will help get rid of the problem

If the walls of the room are clean and dry , then one is in itself prevents mold, depriving it of the conditions for reproduction. Best condition and also the main cause of mold and mildew is damp walls . The fact that the appearance of mold in the home is associated with the winter period , suggests that the outer insulation of the walls of your house is in poor condition and promotes accumulation of condensate due to extreme temperatures . Using foam as insulation for walls, can successfully solve the problem.

The constant presence of moisture and mold says that waterproofing you are not fully good . Works on protection structure made ​​competently complete with the presence of building materials for waterproofing , allow positively resolve this issue . Top work , connected with arrangement of insulation, must be preceded by search underlying cause water ingress , as with a visible enemy to fight much easier.

How to deal with mold in the bathroom ways and methods of struggle

Installing the causes of mold

In fact, if you want to find only the industrial floor in any other plan or materials that do not require knowledge of the status area of the design, will not have any problems. Regarding our case , you need to perform or carry out the waterproofing performance of repair work , the choice of material needed is impossible until it is installed the reason that there is a problem or damage .

Why indoor and humid and in winter there is condensation on the windows, where the origins of this cause? Most often, the reason lies in the house because it was built of porous building materials . Therefore, in the rain or during wet weather , moisture seeps through the cracks and micro pores mass available in stone, concrete or brick , although at first glance , these materials appear to be monolithic, but it is a false sense .

Another reason free water ingress are not sufficiently high moisture resistance joints and leaks masonry joints . As a result of these conditions , in the winter months the water freezes inside seams and the expansion joint is doing inside the large ravine .

Also the foundation in many cases is the same reason that water can get inside the building. Water can get inside the base, as a result of its lack of isolation through the pores – capillaries and micro cracks up , penetrating even to the second floor .

methods of waterproofing

Basic ways , there are several waterproofing and, of course , for their implementation , the relevant materials . Usually, there are different  construction waterproofing materials based on cement for the protection of concrete and brick walls. To protect the wall from outside moisture and its penetration into the building , on the wall or foundation applied waterproof plaster .

Paint waterproofing, mainly used to protect stone walls , although in principle, do not have elevated levels of absorbing materials , it also has been used successfully . Variety of mastic overlapping of moisture from the environment within the walls , by clogging the pores of the material , also belong to the painting waterproofing.

Use waterproofing building materials penetrating justified in cases where the water from the bottom of the basement through the capillaries penetrates walls . Thus, from the bottom- ground water and high humidity , the house protects the waterproofing material penetrating that following the same capillaries as water, clogs them reliably .

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