Redevelopment of an old fashioned apartment

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In modern construction there is such a concept as free planning, that is, there is an apartment that has a large area and only four bearing walls. And then the matter of your taste. But what if there is no possibility to buy a new building? Can be done in the old apartment redevelopment.

The history of Reequipment of the surrounding housing or, in other words, the theme of redevelopment has more than a dozen years. Redevelopment has become necessary to expand the living area at the expense of storage rooms, loggias or balconies, as well as the combination of bathrooms with sanitary knots.

Redevelopment of an old fashioned apartment

Where to begin redevelopment? If you want to enlarge the corridor by a bathroom, to increase the area of living room due to auxiliary rooms, to move the entrance doorway or dismantle the window sill of the wall with the installation of hinged doors on the balcony, then in the Bureau of Technical Inventory no need to apply.

But in cases when you want to combine a loggia or a balcony apartment by disassembly of an external wall, to transfer a battery on a balcony, to increase a bathroom at the expense of a dwelling premise or to arrange an aperture in a bearing wall, then to address in BTI, and then and to architect it is necessary.

The next step of redevelopment is your meeting with the designer. If you wish to make redevelopment and repair on your own, it will, of course, reduce your costs, and perhaps it will bring pleasure. But it is better to entrust this case to specialists.

If you are sure of yourself, the first thing you have to do is to make a measure of the premises; Secondly-to develop a variant of redevelopment, lighting schemes, to define the basic building and finishing materials.

Then it is necessary to choose equipment for kitchen, bathroom, and also floor covering. And when you all work, you can safely proceed to repair.

Start repair, as a rule, from the remote room with respect to the entrance doors and go to the exit. The first thing you need to remove all the old wallpaper and the like, dismantle not necessary you partitions and devices, if you do not want to apply them in reuse, of course. To replace or repair risers of heating, sewerage and household water supply, to perform wiring from main pipelines, and then check them for tightness.

Then dissolve the wiring of the electrical cables into the pre-prepared “Stroebe” walls and connect to the “input”. It is recommended to divide the wiring into each room separately in the following way:

Sockets rooms
Room Lighting
Sockets for household appliances
Electric heated floors and so on
It is necessary to remember also about a section of wires as the power of any device is different and to avoid overload to mount qualitative and suitable wires.

After installation of wiring pass to walls, first starting, and then finish plaster. It is desirable to carry out furnish after installation of a floor covering and installation of warm floors if these are planned. When all the construction and finishing work will be completed you can begin to install bathroom equipment, bathrooms, kitchens and furniture.

So, the repair is over, so you have to live and be happy in your own cozy nest.

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