Turkish authorities detain seven and continue to investigate the explosive rehaniya

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Turkish authorities detain seven and continue to investigate the explosive rehaniya

Turkish authorities arrested seven suspects in connection with the investigation into the twin bombings in the southern town of rehaniya Turkey near the Syrian border, in which 46 people, according to the latest toll, as investigators continued their search for clues in a bomb car, to get to the causes of the explosions.
Bashir atalay said Turkish Deputy Prime Minister said at a press conference aired on news channel (NTV) that there are confessions after the arrest of the suspects.
Hussein, said Celik, Vice Chairman of the ruling Justice and development party, the number of people killed bombings rose to 46, with the number of wounded who are still receiving treatment in hospital, 51 people.
Earlier reported fall of 43 dead and 100 injured.
Said Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet davutoglu said that explosive rehaniya carrying deadly attacks on fingerprint city of Banias in Syria, in an implicit reference to the regime of Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad.
Ihsanoglu was announced Sunday evening that his country reserves the right to take whatever action it deems appropriate after the bombings in the town of rehaniya, while Muammar guler said that initial investigations indicate that they carried out the Organization of the Syrian regime.
The Interior Minister added that the regulation and the persons who carried out the bombings identified and found to be associated with organizations supporting the Syrian regime and its intelligence.
In contrast, Syrian Information Minister Omran Al-Zu’bi Turkish accusations Damascus to stand behind his explosive rehaniya.
This comes at a time when hundreds of Turks for the funerals of victims of the attacks. Gathered dozens of relatives of the victims and other people despite rainy skies rehaniya, to participate in the funeral and burial of the bodies in the cemetery of the city.
Two car bombs were stuffed with explosives went off Saturday evening in front of the headquarters of the municipality and town of rehaniya mail in the southern province of Hatay, which is eight miles from the Syrian border.
In Arabic and international condemnation has continued of the incident, the Algerian Foreign strong condemnation of the bombings, the Foreign Ministry spokesman said “nothing justifies such acts” and expressed his solidarity with the Government and people of Turkey.
For its part, condemned the Jordan bombings rehaniya, Minister of State for information Affairs Mohammed Al-momani that “Jordan condemns the criminal bombings and expresses its solidarity with the Turkish Government and the Turkish people, and expressed his sympathy to the families of the victims and the injured.”
In the meantime, Powell condemned John Kerry “horrific” bombings. He said that “this news appalling impact us all, because we are working in close partnership with Turkey, because Turkey was a vital interlocutor in repeatedly as Foreign Minister over the past three months.
In turn, the national coalition of the forces of the revolution and the Syrian opposition attacks, saying their “revenge against Turkey for siding with the Syrian people.”
UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon condemned the bombing of the two cars the mined in Turkey. He said he hoped for speedy justice, and repeated his insistence that “there is never any reason or complaint to justify targeting civilians,” according to a statement issued by his spokesman.

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