What should be the pH of fresh milk

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What should be the pH of fresh milk?,There are cases when you buy such as fresh milk, once it starts to boil-it turns sour. The reason for such cases is that the sensory evaluation is difficult to determine the stage of the first skisanie. Especially this problem is relevant in buying large quantities of milk for processing litres of milk that has no meaning and can spoil some of his tone. Ensure the quality and freshness of the milk and can avoid unpleasant situations that is, determining where the Ph.

PH-value indicating the concentration of hydrogen ions (H +) in the milk, the degree of acidity or alkalinity.

The pH of fresh milk is 6, 3-6, 7. Formed when storing the result of fermentation lactic acid in lactic acid. When the milk skysaty pH to decrease gradually.

PH meters help determine pH of milk and other dairy products
Determination of acidity of milk, you can use the electronic pH meter. The company offers SIMVOLT pH meter handheld series EZODO 5000, 6000, 7000 EZODO. To analyze needs only immerse the machine into a pot of milk and the display indicates Ph. If you pomiryaly pH and its importance lies in the above set of fresh milk, you can safely purchase the product. A Ph less than 6.3 indicating that the product has already begun skysaty pH above 6.7. the milk substances that help prevent premature skisanie, such as soda. Can also be caused by increasing the pH of the milk cow mastitis disease.

In milk, you can control the quality and pH and other dairy products. Can be used to measure pH meter above, in the case of creamy products-pH meter Ezodo PP-201 and Ezodo MP-103.

Dairy quality characterized by pH values the following: condensed milk-6, 1-6, 4. Yogurt-4, 85-4, 65; sharash-4, 3-4 6. Yogurt-4, 0-4, 3.
Thus, the use of modern portable meter pH control for dairy products for your rescue not only money, but also a good mood.

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