4 ways to wash your underpants from different spots

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Cowards are quite a delicate thing wardrobe, which requires careful care of yourself. They are made of thin delicate fabrics and without the observance of precautions, your favorite underwear can go to waste. In order for the underpants to keep the marketable appearance as long as possible, you should know what methods to get rid of various stains on them.

Consider 4 ways to get rid of stains on your underwear.

Food soda

With traces of urine, as well as stains from various secretions will help to cope with the usual household soda. If the stain is fresh, it will be enough for a while to soak the laundry in a solution of water with soda. The more soda will be poured, the better the result will be, so do not be afraid to overdo it. For those who can’t wait for the laundry to get wet, it’s possible to put soda in the drum of the washing machine. This option is faster, so it will save a lot of time.

Lemon acid

It has long been known that citric acid is able to fight a good variety of contaminants and stains. Solution of acid should be applied to a fresh stain and leave for a while. Depending on the origin of the contaminants, acid can also cope with old spots on the underpants. As soon as the stain is soaked, it is necessary to thoroughly rinse the thing in a soap solution, or load into the washing machine. The main thing to do it at once, do not leave a solution of acid for a long time on the clothes.

Washing alcohol

Nashayr is able to wash even the most complex stains. One of the most difficult contaminants is blood. Blood stains, especially if they are already withered, are difficult to remove. To remove blood from the laundry with the help of a wash, you should take one tablespoon of alcohol and dilute it in one liter of boiled water. In the resulting solution it is necessary to soak the underpants for at least an hour, the more time they lie there, the better. After that, things should be washed in the washing machine. In 95% of cases, alcohol helps to cope with even persistent pollution.

4 ways to wash your underpants from different spots

Spot-ups and bleachers

If folk remedies do not help, specialized household chemicals can come to the rescue. It should be taken into account that for children and adults stain removers are different. It is unacceptable to use aggressive means for children’s underwear, as they can cause severe allergies. Chlorine-containing stain removers are better excluded from washing baby underpants. The principle of these household products is simple:

It is necessary to apply bleach or stain remover on a contaminated area of linen;
Leave things for a few hours in this solution;
wash things thoroughly in soapy water, or washing powder.

There are a lot of ways to get rid of pollution on your underpants, improvised means are cheap enough and can be at hand in any family. If you follow the safety rules, all methods are completely harmless. If home ways have not helped, there is always the opportunity to buy a special cleanser in the store.

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