Types of means and methods of destruction of cockroaches

Types of means and methods of destruction of cockroaches

All known products can be divided into categories: aerosols and sprays, gels, pastes, tablets, microcapsules, traps, dusts and crayons.

And we would divide the methods of struggle into three groups: independent removal by chemistry, exposure to folk remedies and the call of a professional disinsection service.

On the one hand, we can say that calling a specialist with professional equipment and “powerful” chemistry is one of the most logical and effective solutions. But this is not a panacea. Recently, we have noticed that even after such serious treatment, cockroaches return. To someone’s apartment in a couple of weeks, and to someone in six months.

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Remedies for cockroaches - the best and most effective

In another article, we have already described folk remedies for cockroaches, including boric acid. Some of them are no worse than modern chemistry, but when using folk recipes, you need more time to prepare and constantly lay out fresh poisoned baits.

If time is running out, and there is no more strength to tolerate insects, pay attention to the most effective drugs for cockroaches.

The use of any insecticide requires strict adherence to safety measures.

Particular attention should be paid to the use of insecticidal small grains of Chinese production in everyday life. They are convenient and easy to apply, but look like ordinary chalk, so they do not cause suspicion in children. Many children were poisoned by tasting such chalk. The danger is that the product may contain several different insecticides. If their list is not marked on the package (and this is most often the case), it is difficult to determine the active ingredient.

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