Seal technology and insulation wood windows

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 Seal technology and insulation of wooden windows is particularly relevant in the cold periods of the year. Autumn, winter and spring – is the time of year when you want to keep warm and cozy in the apartment . Often between the window frame and sash windows a gap through which the cold air penetrates. And if there is a problem in several windows, the drafts just simply freeze out apartment. Thermal insulation of wooden windows.

To restrict the flow of cold air, there are different ways of sealing and insulation of windows.

We can say that the most simple and effective technology insulation windows includes the following recommendations:

1. Minor repairs windows.
Even in the summer, during the warmer months, and worth exploring window. A common problem with old windows can be that bad missed inserted glass may have cracks on the glass.
Is to do the repair windows – replace glass update cracked putty, ie restore the tightness of the window. Quality repair of plastic Windows.

2. Ribbons for thermal insulation of windows.
To seal the flaps can use special ribbons for thermal insulation of windows.
There are many types of tape for sealing and insulation of windows, they are simple strips of felt, rubber or plastic. Seals nailed or glued to the edge of the window frame.
The easiest and most convenient option – self-adhesive roll, which is a tubular rubber or foam tape rectangular, one side of which is coated with an adhesive material. Although tape-seals are not forever, but they are yielding tangible results in more than a reasonable price.

Kinds of ribbons for thermal insulation of windows:

1. Felt PVC coated.
Durable, attached at the bottom of the sash.

2. Gasket with sponges.
Effective against drafts.

3. Foam seal uncoated.
Cheap, but short-lived.

4. Self-adhesive pipe sealant.
Suitable for all sizes of windows.

5. Foam sealant coating.
Often has insufficient thickness.

3. Window panes sealant.
This method can be used to seal any windows – wooden, plastic or metal.

Seal technology and insulation wood windows

A method of sealing by means of a silicone-based sealant and sealing called locally. Windows seal gasket sealant allows you to create exactly fills the gap between the frame and the window frame.
Adhesive sealant dries, not solidify, and takes the form of soft rubber, filling all the irregularities of a window box, while providing excellent and durable closing tightness. Making such a gasket presents no special difficulties, but requires care and attention in order to achieve uniformity of the gasket. Setup and installation of plastic windows.

Window panes sealant

1. Prepare the window. To remove irregularities and cleaning frame go on recess fine sandpaper. And then clean and degrease the surface with solvent such .

2. Fill the bottom of the groove sealant. Extrude it through the cylinder of the gun so as to create a flat surface across the gasket closing the window.
When applying sealant try not to score groove and drains.

3. Put a non-adhesive tape. Immediately after sealant cover it non-adhesive tape (you can use a thick plastic wrap) and close the window.
When you close the gasket is compressed and takes its final shape.
A few hours later, open the window, remove the tape cutter and cut the streaks, if they exist.

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