Thermal insulation of wooden windows

Thermal insulation of wooden windows

Thermal insulation of wooden windows-Specialists have found that up to 90 % of the heat escapes through the winter out of the apartment window. However, the findings from this case very different. Many companies claim to have to install windows. But if you do not want to radically change the design of the room , or want to save the eco-friendly wood frames , or just your budget does not allow now to install plastic windows – you can independently carry out insulation wood windows .

This is done usually in the autumn , when before the frost left nothing . It is simple enough : newspapers twist in the ” sausage ” of the required thickness and the stuff in between the frame and the sash windows , closing the large gap. Next, cut the remaining sheets of newspaper into strips , smear wet soap and pressed against the frame , closing the gap between the frame and windows. Then you have to drive out the bubbles . Ironically , this ” soap ” glue holds heat well until next spring.

This option, of course , there are a lot of improvements. For example, the sealing of the newspaper ” sausage ” can be replaced with soft materials . Or industrial tube seals. They sold a lot and diverse . Self-adhesive or in the groove , rubber or foam … But it means , so to speak , an “emergency ” repair pro full windows repair can be found here . Real wood window insulation should be carried out in the summer, or in the warmer months. That windows can be removed , disassembled and processed.

So , let’s see how to conduct a full process and restoration of window frames.

First you need to completely remove the windows, leaving only the box. After that, the box should be checked for misalignment ( level and square ) . At the same time check to see if the gaps between the window frame and the wall. To do this , if necessary, to fight off the plaster with coving and repair plaster walls. Rama align if necessary – to fix anchor bolts ( 2 each per side) and fill the space between the wall and the frame with foam . If the old hinges become loose – remove them and replace with new ones. Then remove the old paint , if necessary . Primed frame and paint over . Screw the new hinges .

Then proceed to the actual window frame. Carefully remove the glazing beads , and ( if available) putty, remove the glass . Carefully set aside. Instead of cracked glass immediately order new . ( Glass is better to take a polished , 4 mm).

Remove from the frame all the iron parts – handles , hinges , latches , corners (if any), and so on. Remove old paint. Or industrial dryer or a chisel , sandpaper , wire brush and other materials at hand . If there is rot , cracks , holes – clean up , treat with antiseptic , adhesive seal . If the frame become loose – to strengthen the corners of the iron ( for aesthetics – from the side of the street) .
After preparation of the frame , replace the glass. Sealed by either putty or silicone sealant ( applied to the installation of glass and glazing bead under ), or U-shaped seal . Then the glass adjacent to the wooden parts , closes masking tape and paint over the frame . The paint is better to put in a few (2-3) layers. For the first coat , it is desirable to dissolve some of the paint solvent. So it ‘s okay to impregnate wood . Apply the second coat after the first has dried . Third – on request.

Thermal insulation of wooden windows

Fit the metal parts and accessories, and insert a window into the frame . Then you need to install thermally insulated profile that will close the gap between the frame and the window frame . You must pick a profile of the desired thickness . The thickness is determined quite simply, between the frame and the frame is clamped a piece of clay, wrapped in plastic wrap . If you plan to frequently open window , then in addition to the adhesive , the profile is recommended to strengthen the nails or staples . Repair window insulation is completed.

However, there is one way to heat loss – through the glass. For better insulation can be used to cover the glass Heat film . It almost completely passes visible light, but delays of up to 90 % of the thermal energy. When the installation of the film must be verified that the conductive layer (defined by domestic tester ) looked into the street. The film is simply cut to fit the window , pressed against the glass, leveled and secured . After that, it becomes completely invisible , but it helps to save much heat. thermal insulation, thermal insulation materials, thermal insulator, thermal insulators, thermal insulated curtains, thermal blanket insulation, good thermal insulators, thermal insulated blackout curtains, what is thermal insulation, thermal insulation tape.