Why is it profitable to buy air conditioners in winter

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Why is it profitable to buy air conditioners in winter

Everyone knows the proverb “cook a sleigh in the summer and the cart in the winter”, but still we are all used to doing it at the last minute. And we decide to buy a wall air conditioner in the apartment when the thermometer reaches +30 ° C. But the purchase of climatic equipment in the winter has a lot of advantages:

Favorable price. The demand in winter for wall-mounted air conditioners and split systems is not so high, so you can buy your favorite model at a discount of 30 to 70%. In November, you can always catch good prices on Black Friday, and throughout December, stores give generous pre-New Year discounts.

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No queues. Buying a wall-mounted air conditioner in an apartment in the summer is not everything. We must not forget about the huge queue for installation. During the peak period, the installation of the air conditioner can be delayed for several weeks, and with the onset of cold weather, the queue for installation will no longer be in any store. Masters will not rush to another object, so the installation itself will be performed more accurately and qualitatively.

Attention to the client. It’s no secret that in the very season in most stores, managers do not devote enough time to each client, they are in a hurry to serve more customers and work “on the flow”. In the autumn-winter period, you can count on absolute attention and careful selection.

Assortment. When everyone buys, many models fly literally out of hand, and you have to be content with what is left in stock. In winter, there is no rush, so you can safely purchase the split system that you have planned.

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