Setup and installation of plastic windows

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Setup and installation of plastic windows

independently establish a new frame , or to entrust it to professionals ? ‘.

Installation of modern construction window looks only at first glance a simple process , but professionals know that this is not the case. Replacement windows can be divided into several stages , such as:

dismantling of the old structure;
installation of a new plastic window ;
installation of low tide ;
installation or finishing slopes .

If you can remove the wooden frame each , the correct installation and fixing of plastic window requires not only physical strength , but also the specific knowledge and skills. After removing the old frame to make sure there are no protruding walls, which can prevent installation of plastic construction or cause damage. There are two ways of fixing :

Installation plastic window assembly with the metal plates.

    And without fixing frame sealed to the anchor.

In the first case , plastic window design in the collection is fixed with wooden wedges in the opening level , after which the metal plates , pre- attached to the profile , ” sit ” on the plug in the wall. After that, the gap formed by the contour of the frame ” blow out ” with foam . This type of installation is simple, but is applicable only to the windows standard ( small ) size.

In order to install plastic construction with anchors in the profile to drill a hole through one side of which is sealed a little longer than the outer . After that bind and plastic frame is exposed on the level , and drilled holes for the anchor  drill. Next, all the points are clamped , which allows you to securely install plastic window . All slots are also ” blow out with foam . As slope , they can be sealed with a special solution, or mounted of modern materials.

From improper installation of plastic windows will depend on the quality of its service life and , accordingly, if there is no experience in this type of work , it is not necessary to organize the production of plastic windows yourself . Have to pay for the installation , but the acquisition of windows , many companies offer to carry out its installation for little money .plastic window insulation ,window plastic ,lastic for windows ,plastic window well covers ,plastic window boxes ,plastic window covering ,plastic window ,plastic window shutters ,plastic window box liners.

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