How to remove the clay from the carpet in 4 Easy Steps

How to remove the clay from the carpet

How to remove the clay from the carpet – If you have a baby, you know how difficult it is to clean the clay from the carpet . If you do not know how to remove the clay from the carpet , use one of the following tips .

1. If it’s winter , take the clay spoiled carpet, or on the balcony , or outside in the courtyard. Wait until the clay freeze and scrape it with a knife .

2 . If possible put the cold carpet you do not , just remove from the freezer ice and attach it to the clay. Frozen substance also scraped with a knife. After that , soak a cotton pad and rub ethanol greasy spot left after clay. The remaining pieces of clay have to come in lumps , which it is not difficult to remove with your fingers.

3 . When all the clay is cleaned off the carpet , put on a stiff brush and lather well , clean the remaining grease stain . Upon completion of the procedures necessary to wipe the carpet .

4 . Remove clay from the carpet is also using a hot iron . Take a clean paper and place it on the clay. Iron the paper with a hot iron. If clay is not fully retired , change to a new piece of paper and repeat the procedure .

If Plasticine hit the pile of expensive carpet not try to remove it yourself. Take advantage of special companies.