Dealing with car paint scratches

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Dealing with car paint scratches

Regardless of how careful you are with the car, and you will eventually get scratched paint . When this happens, the key is to scratch repair properly to avoid further damage both from the elements and make it look good . In this article, we will cover how to do this .

Scratches can occur in many ways car . I have a good friend who bought a jeep was loved by all . babied this thing was like a Ferrari . A year later, it seemed brand new pocket and ran well and just. It borrowed for one day and, of course , scratched top garage door opener in my garage ! Yes, it still brings up to the present day. No matter how careful you are with your car, and they will get a scratch. They say death and taxes are the only two sure things in life. They are wrong . Scratches on car paint specific make up one – third . Fortunately , repairing them is not very difficult.

The first step is to get a touch up paint . This is also the most important step. It needs to be perfectly matched to paint or repair will be clear and look bad . This is one time where it goes to the dealer and pay a little bit extra is really a smart move . You’re sure to get the right color and avoid problems.

Dealing with car paint scratches

Now, analysis of zero. If it was just scratching the paint , you’re in good condition. If scratching the paint on the metal bent in , you do not . You will need to metal emerged again without compromising the paint. I suggest transferred to a professional . You do not want to fix the small become a big one.

How to Fix Paint Scratches on your car

Assuming we have just a scratch , our first step is a comprehensive reform of the cleaning and drying the area around zero . Take a piece of steel wool and pike pencil through it so that this point is covered in steel wool . Rub lightly along the scratch to clean it up . Do not try to remove the paint more. I was just trying to make sure that punctuate zero clean and does not have any rust. I did once , wash and let dry.

Read the instructions on the touch up paint . I know this is hard for us men , but some paints and weird make ups and require some steps that should be taken. Assuming you do not , shakes touch even paint strongly. Now take the brush out and start at the bottom of the scratch. Feather the paint in one direction. Add enough of the paint , which filled the groove , but not exceeded. Walk slowly or you run the risk of making a big mess .

Once the color coat has dried , you will need to repeat the process with a clear coat that should be included with the kit. After that, let’s just paint dry for a day or two and then buff off. The car should look as good as new … or at least as good as the rest of the paint job.

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