How do you make yourself at home fountain

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How do you make yourself at home fountain

How do you make yourself at home fountain – First we need to define the functionality of buildings – now it is possible to arrange lighting , accompanied by music , as well as all communications are recorded . Also need to know where this fountain will get – relief, the ability to connect to networks of pipelines and electricity. Only then start thinking about style buildings. in our climate there is a need to turn it off during the cold, which is why the fountain should be attractive even without performing a direct function.

Purchase of equipment

To make the choice should be guided by the advice of professionals , or read a lot of literature . Nozzles for Fountain able to create any image on the water , but the high water hardness clog the nozzle and increases the load on the pumps , and distorts the picture ( particularly critical for a 4-8 millimeter nozzles) . Water quality affects the fountain as a whole, so it is necessary to conduct water treatment – water purification from heavy metals , microorganisms, algae and other dirt , which can clog the system. For this event there is a special equipment . Suggested lawns at their summer cottage .

Neither fountain can not operate without a pump . Them there are two types :
– Submersible to install in the fountain ;
– To set the next – dry .

For large fountain is most practical to install dry pumps , but they are expensive to install, but do not require additional security measures , and small fountains fit and submersible pump . In addition, these pumps are available in sufficient financially and easy to install . Very often used in the fountains of the city. But they are not safe , as it can damage the cord and as a consequence of shock.

prepare before installing the concrete base (for large fountains ) or clean gravel backfill (for short ) , are also preparing for the deepening lines . Available for waterproofing concrete fountains without the bottom of the bowl. Mounting cups occurs by adhesion of its parts. Then installed equipment items . Then the cup is poured concrete with the use of formwork. For larger sizes , it is necessary to reinforce concrete for most of the fortress. In laying the concrete highway, which is why they must be made ​​of stainless steel , otherwise Ionia corrode or in the case of PVC , are destroyed as their temperature coefficient is different from that of concrete.

The last stage – the most enjoyable . We our Facing the fountain – laid with tiles. Besides the beauty it gives additional insulation from moisture. Conducted commissioning of the system, so you can enjoy the beautiful streams .

How do you make yourself at home fountain

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