Natural stones to attract love

One of the main components of happiness is positive relationships. As personality traits of each person, and human emotions, very diverse, so it is not always easy to create a truly harmonious relationship. Use stones and crystals to bring love into your life and create positive relationships.

Love is the foundation on which life and the entire universe are built. The main component of any relationship should be love. There are different kinds of love, such as relationships between loving, parents and children, family members, friends. All of them are essential for your happiness and spiritual growth. Stones can be useful in all cases.

Where there is love, conflicts disappear, growth and abundance appear, fears disappear, the true spiritual nature of the person is manifested, healing occurs, true happiness comes. First of all, learn to love yourself.


Practice forgiveness and self-acceptance. When you love yourself, your heart becomes receptive to love, and it opens the way to rebuilding broken relationships, attracting the other half, improving your ability to interact with others. Know that you are perfect in your natural state, just like everyone else. With accepting this fact you will truly love yourself.

If you look closely at your relationships and your role in them, you will find that there are some qualities, both within you and in relationships that need to be strengthened, developed or changed. The stones will help you in this, as their energies will stimulate certain qualities of relationships. They will bring harmony, love, help to settle conflicts and convert negative traits into positive ones.

There are many qualities that strengthen positive relationships. Among them: mutual understanding, warmth, acceptance, patience, ability to forgive, compassion, care, kindness. Develop these qualities, they will help you to attract love into your life and strengthen existing relationships. Love heals all negative qualities.

Treatment with natural stones

Love is a beautiful feeling that emerges sooner or later in the life of every person. It can be different: to nature, to mother, to child, to motherland, to a man or woman. The last manifestation of love is particularly vividly reflected on the threads of fate and plays one of the main roles in human life.

What can attract this bright and beautiful feeling into our lives? What talismans will protect the family hearth and support the full power of love? And what should be feared in the way of this deep feeling? Our ancestors believed that sparkling gems conceal a mysterious power: they can heal, bring success and wealth, help in love affairs. In today’s world, attitudes towards stones have not changed. When we choose a gift in the form of decoration from natural stones, we study its properties and qualities that can change our lives and destiny. We often put in this action the full force of our emotions. Thus, we try to draw the attention of the person receiving the gift, strive to win the favor and light the light of love. And many of us dream of getting or buying a love mascot. Let’s plunge into the world of the magic of love and understand which stones contribute to the attraction of love in our lives, and which, on the contrary, can prevent the development of a beautiful feeling.

Stones for Love

Below are some of the famous stones showing their properties that help attract and enhance love.

Aventurine – expands opportunities to attract love, especially mature love.

Agat – strengthens and attracts love.

Emerald – strengthens love in marriage.

Lazurit – helps to balance feelings in love.

Moonstone – brings love and romance to lovers, enhances passion, encourages to believe in love.

Red pomegranate – helps to find true love.

Magnetite – attracts love.

Jade – increases love.

Pink quartz is one of the strongest love stones, helps to accept and love oneself, attracts true love and teaches unconditional love. With pink quartz you can conduct a ritual to attract love.

Pink tourmaline inspires true love, affection and devotion.

Rodonitis – helps distinguish true love from fantasy.

Rhodohrosite – helps to find a soul mate.

Ruby – inspires unconditional love, helps romantic relationships, love in marriage, devotion and passion.

Sapphire inspires romantic love and helps couples gain trust in each other.

Topaz – attracts romantic love and teaches you how to love.

Halcedon – enhances the capacity for unconditional love.

Chrysocall – increases the ability to love.

Amber – attracts love and inspires romance.

Of course, you don’t need stones in order to love yourself and others, to feel loved. But there are some stones that will help you as symbols and carriers of the energy of love, thus helping to build positive relationships with all the people in your life. For love to blossom, many qualities must be manifested. Below are the qualities and their connection with the stones, which can help in the relevant field.

Any mineral can symbolize love for a woman, the more you give her stones, the better. Each stone is different, how unique every day in life. The right mineral will help convey the feelings of the giver.

A huge role in the behavior of a love amulet is played by the frame. There are legends that the brightness and brilliance of metals enhance the properties and actions of the stone with which they have a combination. For example, gilded or gold jewelry enhances the energy of the Sun and attracts new relationships and faithful love into the life of the owner. Silver jewelry reflects the action of the moon. They are able to revive the former feelings, strengthen the family union and solve problems on this ground.
The main stones that can attract love to your life, mostly wear a red or purple hue.

Ruby is a precious mineral. By its light awakens feelings and makes the “Lord of the Ring” passionate nature. For a long time the stone has been the property of the patron saint of love and passion. Jewelry with ruby with its inexhaustible energy helps people who embark on the path of conquest of the heart. It serves as a talisman against unrequited love. So do not be afraid to take a step towards your loved one and present a gift with this beautiful mineral. The gifted ring with ruby is a sign of the strongest feelings. If a person is widowed and very hard going through this sad event, ruby will help to cope with the oppressed state and instill strength and faith in a bright future.

For people who have already met their love in life and are interested in the development of relationships, the stones that strengthen love will help.

Turquoise. This mineral, weaving the beauty and power of high feelings, will become a faithful helper in heart affairs. Turquoise is a symbol of eternal love. In their properties, jewelry from mineral is magical: work miracles in strengthening intimate ties and have a beneficial effect on the harmony of relationships. Amazing pebble will attract to you the look of your person with whom you can find happiness. At all times turquoise served as a talisman in heart affairs. Rings with turquoise were exchanged as a sign of a heartfelt attraction. It was a sign of the serious intentions of the partners, who were later sealed by the bonds of marriage. If a woman wanted to attract a certain man into her life, she sewed a piece of this magic mineral in his clothes. And in the East in a crib to a newborn girl put turquoise, which she many years later gave on the wedding day to her lover. If in the family you are constantly haunted by quarrels, then boldly put on jewelry with turquoise: peace and quiet in your house will always be.

Pearls. Mineral carries a very powerful female energy. If your life lacks softness, warmth, intuition, sentimentality, be sure to buy jewelry from pearls. The woman is the custodian of the family hearth. And all of the above qualities serve as assistants in its fulfillment of its purpose. In ancient Russia, the stone served as a talisman in family happiness. All over the world pearls are used as decoration of wedding and wedding dresses. As a symbol of love, people gave each other rings with pearls. There was a ritual, during which the newlyweds were entangled with a thread of pearls, so that no force could not intervene and break the union of lovers. And in ancient Rome, women put pearls on the wedding bed, because there was a belief that the stone maintains a powerful connection with the goddess of love and procreation.

Cornelian. This stone is called the stone of Venus by astrologers. Serdolik serves as a powerful talisman in love relationships. Mineral is able not only to attract a great and bright feeling in your life, but also to strengthen existing relationships, strengthen feelings and protect against negative influence from the outside. But it is worth remembering that people who are violently showing their emotions, especially in the negative side, heartthre will not help their charms. If you are a calm and balanced person, then the heartthre is for you. Mineral will help to ignite passion, awaken hidden and hidden emotions and bring love into your life.

Sapphire. This mineral symbolizes loyalty and honesty in relationships. Sapphire has long been used as an indicator of female virtue. If a woman went by treason, the stone instantly changed color. Therefore, to prove honesty in the relationship, the ladies had to wear a sapphire ring for three hours in daylight. In addition, the mineral strengthens the union of two lovers, protecting them in the way of quarrels and betrayals.

Halcedon is a stone with a powerful and strong energy. The brighter the color of the mineral, the more magical properties it has. The stones of white, yellow, red and orange are considered to be the stones of love. They attract the attention of the opposite sex, banish depression and sad thoughts. If a woman wants to please a man, then the assistant will be a bracelet of chalcedon. Halcedon has a direct influence on strengthening feelings and family relationships, forms a strong bond between loved ones, which no one can break. A raw piece of stone will keep the house peace and comfort.

Moonstone. If you are swallowed up by life and relationships with your loved ones have lost brightness and sensuality, then boldly put on jewelry made of moonstone. Mineral has the property of reconciliation and restoration of the former, once tender, relationship. Also, the moonstone protects from quarrels and misunderstandings. Have you had a fight with your loved one? Put on the decorations with this stone and it doesn’t matter if you’re right or not, the world will come to your house. Mineral does not divide people into good and good, helps everyone by giving wisdom in resolving disputes.

Jade. The properties of the mineral are similar to those of the moonstone. In addition, jade jewelry awakens the owner of the “sixth sense”, helping to overcome the barrier of misunderstanding and giving a sense of reconciliation and appeasement.

But there is a group of stones that can destroy a family. The effect of such minerals is ambiguous, and in the opinion of different peoples has a different structure of influence. Let’s turn to these stones and study what such stones can harm. Having certain knowledge, do not forget about intuition: watch the behavior of stones in your life. Perhaps one of them will bring happiness and love.

Amethyst. This mineral is called in the common people “a stone of new love” or “stone of old bachelors.” Amethyst easily evokes feelings for the person who gives it, even if the gifted person is in a relationship. The energy of stone is able to “steal” a person from existing love ties, causes indifference and opens a vessel to fill a new love. It is especially necessary to beware of its married women. Therefore, it is not recommended to give jewelry with stone to young girls and other people’s wives. In some peoples there is such a custom: if one of the spouses has lost his soul mate and has no intention to create a new family, he must wear amethyst as a symbol of eternal love for the departed spouse.

Alexandrite. In some nations, this stone has a bad reputation and is called the “widowstone.” An ancient belief says that if a woman wears alexandrite, she will not get married, and if a woman is married, she will be unhappy in marriage and become a widow. But fans of alexandrite are not threatened if you wear a stone in pairs.

Opal. A stone with an ambiguous history. On the one hand, opal is the talisman of love, and on the other hand it brings its presence into life failures in love. The same person opal is able to protect from low cravings and whims, and can push to commit forbidden pleasures. Especially careful to treat jewelry made of stone as a gift. Opal can cause negative feelings towards the person who gives the stone. And what is most interesting – the more expensive the cost of mineral, the more you will hate.

Choosing a gift love amulet, initially think about the reason that prompted you to make it. And of course, listen to your heart. It will tell you the right answer when choosing a decoration. Keep the image of your loved one inside yourself, remember the feelings that arise when you are near him and your inner voice will prompt and help to make the right choice.

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