Errors and error codes washing machines

Errors and error codes washing machines – Modern washing machines are not only willing to deliver us from the unpleasant and hard physical work . They are also able to carry out self- diagnosis and to signal if an error occurs – albeit in his native language . Although in most cases, can not do without the help of an experienced master , able to provide professional assistance to the clever mechanism.

Error Code clever technique may issue with the LCD display ( if available ) or flashing lights . Below are the error codes are the most popular brands ( Atlanta , Gorenje, ASKO, Samsung, Indesit, Ariston, Hansa, Candy, Kaiser, LG, Electrolux, Zanussi).

Haier Washing Machine Error Codes

The error codes washing machines Bosch

Diagnosis of washing machines Bosch

Video repair washing machines Bosch

Replacement parts in a washing machine Bosch

Repair of washing machines Bosch with their hands


F01 – the door is not closed
F02 – the washing machine is not supplied with water
F03 – water does not drain
F04 – water leak
F16 – the door is not locked
F17 – timed flow of water
F18 – timed draining
F19 – timed heating water
F20 – freelance water heating (heating occurs when it should not be ) a defective sensor water heating, faulty relay PETN
F21 – freelance mode rotation of the drum ( washing machine motor does not run smoothly , the motor does not rotate the drum) : short circuit triac fault takogeneratora , reverse fault relay
F22 – breaking temperature sensor NTC
F23 – activation of the ” Hitchhiking “: in pallet washing machine has a water, open circuit
F25 – fault sensor
F26 – Pressure sensor fault
F27 – incorrect sensor calibration pressure
F28 – flow sensor fault
F29 – not detected passage of water into the flow sensor
F31 – maximum water level is exceeded
F34 – lock on the door is not closed
F36 – fault lock hatch
F37 – Temperature sensor fault (NTC)
F38 – short-circuit temperature sensor (NTC)
F40 – synchronization error
F42 – engine speed exceeded
F43 – motor does not rotate : tachometer error
F44 – there is no rotation in the opposite direction : faulty relay or triac reverse .
F59 – 3D sensor fault
F60 – flow sensor fault
F61 – the wrong signal to the door
F63 – error functional protection
F67 – Error encoding card
E02 – motor fault
E67 – invalid encoding module

The error codes washing machines Indesit, Ariston

Diagnosis of washing machines Indesit, Ariston

Indesit washing machine repair their own hands

Repair of washing machines Ariston own hands

Video repair washing machines Indesit, Ariston

Replacement parts in a washing machine Indesit, Ariston

F01 – signal problems in the drive motor due to a short circuit in the control circuit
F02 – The system alerts the absence of a signal on the work of the motor tacho on the electronic controller
F03 – Problems in the temperature sensor ( sensor fault or sticking relay PETN )
F04 – The system indicates a fault pressure switch ( water level sensor )
F05 – Washing machine does not drain – problems in the water drainage system (defective water level sensor – no signal “Empty tank ” after draining the water or drain pump is not functioning )
F06 – Fault buttons in the SM series «Ariston Dialogic»
F07 – notifies the system that a heating element ( heater ) is not submerged in water
F08 – This code indicates a malfunction in the heating element (latching relay ) while at the same time forms the sensor signal 2 “Empty tank ” and ” Overflow ”
F09 – system informs about the failure in the electronic control (it can also be a problem with non-volatile memory of the processor)
F10 – Disruptions in the water level sensor : the system does not get a signal on the state of the working tank ( tank and empty and full )
F11 – The system had problems in the drain pump – there is no information about his condition ( check the connection of the pump )
F12 – lack of communication between the control system ( electronic controller ) and display module ( selector )
F13 – signal problems in the dryer ( SM series ” Margarita 2000″ ) : faulty network control t0
F14 – signal problems in the dryer ( SM series ” Margarita 2000″ ) : drying not included
F15 – signal problems in the dryer ( SM series ” Margarita 2000″ ) is not drying off
F17 – Problems with locking lock ( not completely closed or open hatch door )
F18 – Failure of a microprocessor

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