choosing ram for gaming computer

choosing ram for gaming computer In the category General computer maintenance Many people are interested in knowledge and learning about many subjects, this knowledge may be vital at some point in your life, attention enough, and dive into more detail more articles and learn more information about choosing ram for gaming computer.

Choosing ram for gaming computer – Choosing RAM for your computer or laptop is a very important and responsible process , since it depends on the performance of the entire operating system and other applications that you run while working at the computer or when enjoying watching films and playing games .

RAM – one of the cheapest components of a computer , so that guided their acquired knowledge , you can easily choose the one memory that is needed for your computer or laptop.

First , you must decide what form factor you need. Keep in mind that the DIMM – a standard for desktop computers , but the SO-DIMM – already a standard for laptops.

Now we should do one for this type of memory. At the moment, there are three types of memory: the old standard DDR – already out of production and are sold only stocks that remained in warehouses manufacturers. Hence the inflated price of such strips, yet the price is also up to them because fabrication process used to conduct data memory strip , quite resource-intensive . The next type of memory – DDR2. At the moment is considered slow memory and usually installed on computers or laptops, which were produced before 2008. This memory has a frequency of 533-800 Hz, which is compared to the old memory DDR (333-400 Hz), has a slight advantage. However , we are more interested in the following type of memory that is installed on all modern computers and laptops – is DDR3. Performance of this type of memory is enough for all the latest applications and tasks that you will run on your computer. The frequency of these bars varies from 800 to 2000 Hz , which is sufficient for even the most demanding games.

As for RAM , there is every motherboard there is a different limit. In order to find out what is the maximum amount of memory supported by your motherboard , just look to the specification in the booklet that comes in a set with all the drivers and instructions for other installed components ( in this case with a home desktop computer ) . If you are owner of the laptop, you have to visit the official website of the manufacturer of your motherboard , where selecting the desired product , you can learn all of its features and specifications .

I can only mention that all 32- bit operating systems do not support more than 3.5 GB of memory . So if you have installed : Windows XP x86, Windows Vista x86, Windows 7 x86, then use more memory wasted , as the system will not see the volume greater than 3.5 GB .

Another very important point: if your motherboard is equipped with several slots for memory ( from 2 to 4 ) , then the best option would be to use several strips . For example , it is better to use two strips of 4 GB dual-slot motherboard than one bar at 8 GB. This installation option will increase stability, as power will be supplied for each strip , and the system will not be overloaded supply maximum amount of memory installed in one slot .

choosing ram for gaming computer

You should now understand how much RAM is required for certain tasks . Let’s start with the fact that for office computers, which run mainly office applications and programs , it will be enough to use up to 3 GB of memory . For home computer on which you view movies , listen to music, run all sorts of programs and applications – will be sufficient to use 4-6 GB of memory . If you’re a fan of modern games , as well as using the computer for video encoding or creating 3D video, and animation – your choice should focus on the amount of 8-12 GB.

As for the manufacturer , the memory companies like Kingston, Samsung and Hynix is considered the best among all the volumes and types that proved long-term use and users’ computers.

RAM – one of the most important elements of the computer . Take some time to explore the above material , and you will be happy in the future, when it will choose the memory that will meet all your requirements.

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