Possible problems with plastic windows

Possible problems with plastic windows – During operation, any plastic windows may need to be repaired. It does not depend on whether they were bought plastic windows cheap or expensive , just over time or for other reasons can cause windows need for service . What are the causes of emerging problems ?

After the installation of plastic windows made ​​, it may seem that there is no assembly seam . This may be due to the fact that the record was incorrectly generated parameters when measuring window . Could turn out to be so unfair that the company -seller with their installers simply ignored the step of sealing seam is performed .

If sold cheap plastic box , then provide proper service is not necessary, according to them . For example, well-known companies such as kbe, always try to co-operate with their representatives, who have the appropriate certification and approval for sale . Those firms that do not have a license, do not have the right to sell the plastic windows .

As an option to address the lack of field welds , can suggest the following : increase the opening in the window to display the place for seam and application of foam . Installation of plastic windows can sometimes include or narrowing of the window opening , or its extension , so nothing special and terrible in this procedure no .

Installation plastic windows need know customer services

Another problem in the operation of plastic windows may be the appearance of mold in different places , such as on the slopes . This may be due to the fact that bought cheap plastic windows for the reason that they are equipped with all the single-chamber package. This should not be done in the premises , which are intended for permanent residence.

Another variant of this problem is to use low-quality rubber sealing . And it contributes to the flagged permanently inside the water picks up moisture , which causes the mold that creates favorable conditions for development.

Solution to this problem is to install another window, for example, two-chamber . Firm kbe, for example, implies the possibility of replacing the glass already in the operation window. You can also try to replace the rubber seals are available to new and necessarily better .

The most absurd defects that may occur during the installation of windows , it’s like the followings. Flap installed upside down, on the outer side of the castle. This leads to the inability to use the window and temporarily abandoned at such a defect is possible penetration into the premises by unauthorized persons from the street.

In such cases only have to replace a new leaf . Installation of plastic windows must be made only by a professional only excluded any possible defects and faults after a short period of operation.

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