Check your plastic windows before winter

Check your plastic windows before winter

End of September – beginning of October is an excellent time to take a closer look to their windows cues and take a moment to prepare them for winter.

Window market experts recommend to pay attention to plastic windows before the upcoming cold weather , to avoid drafts , condensation and escape the heat in the apartment with the start of the heating season.

Determine the deviation from the norm of PVC windows

Particular attention should be paid to items such as the distorted frame profiles , hardware malfunctions , damage sealed , deformation or cracking of plaster seal between the door and the frame.

Quality repair of plastic Windows

If striking is that the windows are skewed , you should see how serious deviation from the norm. For this purpose gauging the level applied to the plane of the window and is considered the degree of curvature . If it is greater than 3 mm to 1 meter length or width of the window , the window almost qualified for replacement.

If for some reason impossible to replace the existing windows on the new plastic window immediately, you must try to mitigate the adverse effects of these strains by adjusting the systems fit casement window hardware to the frame and using the appropriate seal.

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