Natural stone in the decoration of the house

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Natural stone in the decoration of the house

Some might assume that natural stone can be used for interior decoration only in expensive luxury homes. This is misleading . This material such as natural stone will be appropriate in any home, the main thing that it has been properly selected and fit the architectural style of the house.

Of course, a natural stone finish adds some official premises, but if it is combined with other materials of natural origin, it is possible to achieve not only the feeling of luxury, but also comfort. To achieve the desired effect must be correctly approach the selection of a stone, that is, choose the color and structure , to determine the functionality and other characteristics .

Price for finishing decorative stone
Price for finishing decorative stone

For interior hallway would be the best polished granite, marble and that’s better not to use it. Unlike marble granite withstands mechanical damage , and does not require special care . If you do decide to use marble , please note that this material is readily responds to alkali and acid, because it is composed of calcium carbonate , and to prevent damage to the entrance sure to lay a mat on which to linger all the dirt .

Granite can also be applied in the kitchen. By the way , the best countertops for kitchen countertops made ​​from this material. But for the bathroom better suited marble. Due to its porosity and permeability unpolished marble easily absorbs water and it is also easy to evaporate from it , and the marble floor in contrast to the granite will not be slippery.

To finish the living room and bedroom you can use all kinds of natural stone. The floors are worth doing in marble and heated . This material is heated very quickly and gives off heat .

The interior space natural stone is easily combined with all the natural and noble materials .

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