Refrigerator maintenance tips for better performance

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The cooling of the most popular methods of food preservation , easiest , and most suitable for most types of food . And , of course , use the refrigerator or radiator for this purpose where the idea of ​​the work depends refrigerator to keep food on providing an environment with low temperatures prevented as long as possible the growth of bacteria that cause food corruption .

Comparing the refrigerator to other household devices , we find that the refrigerator of home appliances ( air conditioner) the most consumed in terms of electricity consumed per month approximately 20 to 60% of the total consumption of electricity, which relies increase or decrease these percentages on how to use it . And where the refrigerator of home appliances that affect our health and the health of our family directly review some important tips that will keep the refrigerator and increase the efficiency of their work and the proper methods to be used , as well as some tips for how to save the food .

How the food spoil ?

Corruption of food means the change in the shape and smell and taste normal for this food and it happens when he leaves food at the proper temperature , which rates at room temperature , which is a class ideal for the growth of bacteria that reside in each vacuum surrounds us and when the opportunity is suitable begin to grow and after a short period secrete foul – smelling toxic substances , causing the corruption of food .

Regular maintenance is simple

• lose always door frame rubber magnetic: With the passage of time and frequent use usually weaken the power of magnets and cracks rubber which Agfah which works to leaking cold air outside the refrigerator , so always check the adhesion strength frame rubber magnetic where you can test it by closing the door on paper so that half of them inside the refrigerator and the other half outside , and after confirming the closure of the door then pull the paper out , ease out the paper evidence of weak magnetic framework and thus the need to change it.
• take into account the clean and magnetic rubber frame where you stick periodically with warm water .
• Attention to the back ( intensive helix ): and who do not look at him is usually the beginning of the development of the refrigerator in place until it comes time to change the refrigerator again, but the lack of attention to this part more than the accumulation of dust on the condenser and therefore difficult to get rid intense heat which reduces the efficiency of the cooling spiral condenser should be cleaned at least once a month.
• Some refrigerators run by a panel inside the refrigerator cooling and others are pumping cold air inside , so I shall not put foods and canning right next to the cooling plate or in front of pumping cold air vents .
• refrigerator of the most happening places by pouring fluid and loss of crumbs of food that difficult to see which spoil over time to be small patches of colored spores , for example, leak a few drops of the bag flesh foods will result in the growth of bacteria on these foods that can eat without being cooked on the fire vegetables , for example , causing disease , so clean the refrigerator regularly using warm water with a little chlorine diluted with water will prevent the growth of bacteria inside the refrigerator .

  • Over time, accumulate odors and unwanted inside the refrigerator , and to get rid of these odors can put a coal cutter and a few the BACKING soda in open containers and distributed inside the refrigerator .

Refrigerator maintenance tips for better performance

Avoid some common mistakes !

• Set the refrigerator next to the fireplace ! Where he works on reducing the cooling efficiency by a large margin in addition to the risks that may result from the development of the refrigerator next to a source of high heat .
• overstocked shelves of the refrigerator foods and canned goods on top of each other works on the difficulty of cold air circulation inside the refrigerator and therefore the difficulty of cooling food , which helps to corruption fast food .
• Contrary to the above , it is not recommended to leave the refrigerator works are completely empty , as it works to increase the power required to maintain the ideal temperature presence of certain foods and sodas contributes to a sense of thermostat cold as long as possible , thus saving energy. In the case of emptying the refrigerator in preparation for cleaning or to receive new foods and canned can put some water bottles in various places inside the refrigerator to help keep the cold as long as possible .
• shall leave hot food to cool before putting it in the fridge , he put hot food in the refrigerator directly without refrigeration helps to:

High degree of rapid movement inside the refrigerator , which gives the opportunity for the growth of bacteria and food corruption .
Increases the effort required to reach the ideal cooling temperature again.
It also works put hot food on the accumulation of drops of water on the lid or the walls of the vessel , which then fall on the surface of the food thereby stimulating the growth of germs.

• And finally : Open the refrigerator door a long time facilitates the cold air out quickly and thus excess consumption of electricity , so select your goal before you open the fridge! Most of us usually opens the fridge and then stand in front of wondering :
Why am I here? 🙂

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