My way of getting rid of moisture in the House

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My way of getting rid moisture in House, Mold odors usually refer to the presence of moisture for a long period of time, mold growth, so one of the best ways to combat mold and fungi, are maintaining good ventilation for your home. Some of us suffer from the problem of humidity in your home, either because of the lack of home to air and Sun, by post, or in the lower floors or in some rooms, and sometimes because of the atmosphere of the coastal cities, or towns with high humidity.

Options and ways to set the optimal humidity in room

Humidity in the apartment how to get rid

High humidity in the house

temperature and humidity sensor

What if the moisture affected wood, parquet floor or or other furniture?
Humidity are two-internal and external humidity

The Interior because of laundry and cleaning, use water, bathrooms, flooring and other survey.

And because of the atmosphere, such as coastal cities, particularly buildings overlooking the sea, or due to low decks and buildings away on the air and the Sun.

Important tips to keep furniture and get rid of the moisture problem

  • Room ventilation and brushes every day that I was a housewife, and twice a week I working girl, even in winter.
  • Don’t use heavy water during cleaning and wet and Juiced parts well.
  • Use moisture repellent devices.
  • Take advantage of summer in the air and leave the brushes and blankets in the Sun, even those blankets for the winter.
  • If you are at the stage of renewal, or paint the House, use some insulation for moisture, especially if the coastal city.
  • If I choose the apartment, or renewal, you do not choose the lower floors, but if the building is in the air and the Sun well, not the last role, so as not to harm the rain roof.
  • The insulation layer from the outside, to protect from the rain that was the city subject to a lot of rain.
  • If a new apartment or closed for a long period, you should remove the clamshell layer to completely remove any trace of moisture.
  • Be aware that if your apartment flooring parquet floors should be treated specifically.

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