do it yourself Plaster and repair of wooden walls

do it yourself Plaster and repair of wooden walls In the category General Maintenance and Repair Many people are interested in knowledge and learning about many subjects, this knowledge may be vital at some point in your life, attention enough, and dive into more detail more articles and learn more information about do it yourself Plaster and repair of wooden walls.

do it yourself Plaster and repair of wooden walls – Many owners of wooden walls in my house are faced with such problems : how to properly carry out repairs wooden walls ? After all, saving both time and money , as well as in order to be sure that as with all procedures , it would be desirable to make repairs wooden walls.

For the most daring and resolute , for those who still decided to plaster wooden wall some tips on how to do it properly . It is worth remembering that the frame , wooden wall and shield , which are assembled from parts , and in turn put on the basic foundation walls can literally plastered immediately after the construction , the main thing – it’s a roof over the house. However, remember that the wooden houses built of logs or older wooden houses need plastering only after secondary caulking , this means that commencing repair procedures necessary only after the completion of precipitation walls. Wooden wall plastering start earlier than one year after the construction or repair – it is a waste of both time and finances.

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do it yourself Plaster and repair of wooden walls

If you are going to plaster it in the winter , then take care of your home heating and ventilation system . Preparing walls (not just wood ) – this is one of the most important procedures during the repair . Before you start repairing the walls, they must be cleaned of dust and dirt , a variety of spots that appear on the surface , especially in fat and salt stains . On the surface usually do hitch for what would plaster meshed well with a wooden wall . After the need to fill crate with a mesh size of not more than 4×4 cm Reiki must fill at an angle of 45 degrees. Crate knock either shield or stuffed on one rail. Crate before using moisten , not to split the wood.

do it yourself Plaster and repair of wooden walls

Solution for plaster wooden walls do better lime- plaster , gypsum must choose better with retarders . Prepare this solution quite difficult. So it is worth remembering that the average thickness of plaster shall not exceed 2-3 cm , but if you plan to do more layer , then apply a reinforcing mesh .

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